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A Secret Thought - Chapter 41 - 44

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1 A Secret Thought - Chapter 41 - 44 on Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:26 am


Chapter 41 - Lethal Jelly Beans
Harry sat in the Common Room, Amy standing behind him. Her blank eyes no longer frightened him, but instead mystified him. Ron and Ginny were downstairs visiting Hermione in the Hospital Wing. He and Amy were alone, and his heart was beating faster than he ever knew possible.

“Concentrate, Harry,” she whispered into his ear.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he growled. She didn’t answer. “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing!” he snapped and ran a hand through his hair in frustration.
She sighed and sat across from him, staring at him steadily.

“I have unlocked your fears, and they are fresh in your mind. You’re supposed to think about it, concentrate on it. That will feed your power, Harry. Your emotions will force it to grow and to bloom. You must focus that on the candle,” she explained.
He nodded and tried again. He pictured all of their cold dead faces, but it still wasn’t having the same effect.

“This sucks!” he exclaimed and threw his hands up in surrender. Amy rubbed her eyes.

“I just need to find your trigger! I thought I had unlocked it when I unlocked your fears… so why isn’t it working?” she asked in desperation.

“You’re talking to a boy whose entire family has been murdered because of some damn Prophecy made by some loony lady! I’ve numbed myself to memories,” Harry grumbled.
Amy shook her head.

“Well Harry, I’m sorry I have to do this,” she whispered. She waved her arm to the side and Harry cried out as he was thrown backwards and into the trophy case.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” he cried out as he stumbled into a standing position.

“You said that memories don’t do it for you… I’m here to give you the real thing,” she told him with a smile. He reached to draw out his wand, and she raised her hand. It flew into her grasp.

“Wait! That’s not fair!” he exclaimed.

“Harry, if you’re going to unlock your power, then you have to do it wandless,” she said with a shrug and closed her hand around it, making it disappear into thin air. There was no retrieving it now.

“I can’t do wandless magic!” he exclaimed. Amy laughed and Harry tingled. Even if she was trying to fight him she was still beautiful.

“Well let’s change that, then!” she laughed and her cinnamon hair fluttered around her. “Now, let’s see, what shall we try first…” she seemed to ponder.
Out of nowhere the lion’s head with two swords on the wall broke apart and clattered to the floor. The swords flew up, gleaming.

“You have got to be kidding,” Harry mumbled.

“No, not at all! Now Harry, I recommend you run,” she laughed and with a wave of her hand the swords were flying after Harry. He let out a cry and jumped over the couch, the swords piecing through the material. He rolled under the coffee table.

“Come on Harry! You can do better than that!” she exclaimed again. The swords did not move this time, but instead a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans burst open, and the jelly beans shot at him at incredible speed in a torrent of tasty candy.

“OW! OUCH! STOP IT!” he snapped as he danced about the pelting beans. Amy rolled her eyes.

“Make it stop, Harry! I’m going easy on you now! Make it stop!” she told him. “Concentrate! It’s not going to just happen! You have to want it to with everything you have!”
Harry stared at Amy. He had to make this stop. He had to stop the jellybean rain smacking into his skin and leaving large welts on his skin.

Nothing happened.

“You’re disappointing me, Harry. I suppose I should try a new approach,” she said. She screwed up her face in concentration… and she began to grow! Her legs extended and her shoulders broadened. Her curves with flat and her hair shortened to boyish lengths and turned a vibrant red, and freckles practically sprouted from her skin.

“Ron?” he asked in amazement.

“Now Harry, don’t be silly!” Ron said with a laugh. “It’s still Amy,” she said.

“You’re a metamorphogus?” he asked in utter shock. She rolled her eyes and nodded.

“Well I have been alive for over four hundred years, Harry. You’d accomplish great things if you knew you had forever,” she said with a giggle. “Now, time to fight!” he said and charged at Harry.

“No!” he cried out as Ron dug his shoulder into his stomach. They began to wrestle on the floor. Ron began to punch Harry, causing him to throb.
His fist hit Harry in the lip and blood spilled into his mouth. His fist made contact with his eye and Harry screamed as it swelled shut.

With a cry he rolled over and pinned Ron to the floor, throttling him. His eyes were closed. He felt Ron claw at him… but something was wrong… the arms weren’t long enough…

He opened his eyes and saw Hermione staring up at him with tears in her eyes, her face red and swelling.
He stumbled backwards and cursed himself for forgetting that it was Amy. Hermione stared at him and stood up slowly, staring at Harry and sighing.
She transformed back into Amy.

“I’m sorry Harry,” she mumbled and then began to transform once again. Harry watched in horror as his father stood in front of him.

“Harry, I hate you. You are not my son. You have killed so many people. You killed my best friend in the entire world. I disown you. I’m so disappointed in you. I gave up my life so you could live, but now I don’t think it was worth it,” he told Harry.

Tears filled Harry’s eyes and he could feel it growing, shifting inside of him.

“If I hadn’t given my life for you… if I had just let him kill you, no one would be in so much pain. It’s your fault, Harry,” Lily told him. Tears fell from Harry’s eyes and the power began to erupt…

“Good thoughts… change it… change it…” he whispered to himself. The power drained from him and when he opened his eyes he was in shock at what he had done.
The trophy case was put back together, the couch no longer torn apart, and the swords and lion head were back in place firmly mounted on the wall.
All of the jellybeans were back in the box and it was sealed tightly shut.
Amy stood in front of him where Lily had been moments before.

“Oh Harry… I’m so sorry,” she whispered and ran up to him, throwing her arms around his neck. They embraced one another and the tears slowly faded from Harry’s eyes. She had tried to avoid it. She had only done it to test his limits… to see what it would bring out in him.
She pulled back and he looked into her blank white eyes. He hoped she could feel her stare. He hoped that she knew that he didn’t blame her.

He ran a hand through her cinnamon hair and her breath quivered. She blinked slowly and he held her tight. His lips were barely an inch from hers. She made no movement and her breath on the soft skin of his mouth was driving him insane.

He leaned in to kiss her…

“Oy, Harry! Did you hear?” Ron called as he came dashing into the Common Room. Harry stumbled backwards, as did Amy, and they turned to face him. He stood there, excited and nearly breathless.

“Hear what?” he asked.

“Hermione is going to St. Mungo’s tomorrow afternoon… they think that they’ve found a way to save her!” he exclaimed brightly and Harry smiled widely, ignoring the biting pain in his lip and the fact that he couldn’t see out of one eye.

“That’s great!” Amy exclaimed happily.

“Harry… what happened to your face?”

“Actually Ron, you beat the crap out of me,” Harry laughed and Amy joined, leaving Ron standing there beaming with a rather confused look on his face.

Chapter 42 - Saying Goodbye
Draco was pacing back and forth anxiously in the Head Common Room, rubbing his fingers together, wondering what he was going to say to Hermione when she arrived. She was on her way up from the Hospital Wing right now. What would he say? What would he do? How would she feel?
He paced back and forth, back and forth, and sipped some Pumpkin Juice as he waited for her to arrive.

He heard the portrait swing open and froze, staring at the entrance, waiting for Hermione to climb through.
She did and straightened up when she saw him. Their eyes met and all they did was stare at one another, unable to break the gaze. Her hair fell beautifully in her chocolate eyes, her figure delicate and thin in her cleaned blouse and skirt.

She dropped her robes to the floor and ran at him, tears falling from her eyes. He rushed towards her and swept her into a tight embrace, burying his face in her neck. She cried against him, kissing his neck repeatedly.
She pulled away from him and he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Granger, never do that again,” he told her and she beamed. He wiped the tears from her eyes softly. She took his hand and kissed his fingertips.

“I’ll try not to,” she giggled. They stood there, holding one another in the quiet. He rocked her in his arms.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he mumbled and kissed her forehead gently. She shivered and held him tightly.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered again. He nodded.

“What time is the operation?” he asked.

“I’ll be leaving early in the morning,” she told him. “I don’t want you to come,” she whispered again. He drew back in surprise.

“Hermione Granger, I’m coming whether you want me to or not!” he told her sternly. “You can’t expect me to put up such a fight just to get you this operation and not be there to hold your hand the moment you get out!” he told her. She just smiled at him weakly.

“We both know that the chances of me surviving this operation are slim to none. I… I just want you to have me as long as possible, so if I don’t survive then you’ll know later rather than sooner,” she whispered. Malfoy frowned and brushed her hair from her eyes.

“What are you talking about? Slim to none my ass!” he cried out and made Hermione giggle.

“When I say survive, I mean…”

“You mean you won’t be the same. I don’t expect you to. You’ve been changing constantly ever since you got this damn tumor… I think I can bear one final transformation if it means I get to hold you in my arms forever,” he whispered and held her tight again. She smiled and kissed his neck gingerly.

She ran her hands along his chest and he tingled with every touch. Her fingers massaged the sensitive skin and she breathed heavily against his neck. Malfoy never knew that one person’s gentle touch could feel so incredible. She gently unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his bare chest.
He looked down at her and hooked her chin with his index finger and tilted her face up.

“Hermione, we don’t…”

“Draco, this is what I want. This is what I’ve always wanted. If you let me have this… then at least I’ll have something to hold onto,” she whispered, her eyes sparkling. He leaned down and kissed her deeply and she melted into his arms. She trembled with every touch as he stroked her back gently, tickling her, the sensation making her want to cry out pleasurably.

“Granger, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into,” he said gruffly as he gently unbuttoned her blouse. She ran her hands along his chest sensually as he did so and she smiled up at him, unable to contain her excitement.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Big Shot. I know you’re all talk,” she giggled. He rolled his eyes.

“Now you’ve really done it,” he said and lifted her into his arms and carried her towards his bedroom. She giggled and kicked off her shoes. He tossed her on the bed and crawled on top of her, kissing her.
She whispered his name and he kissed her deeper, running his hands erotically across the soft skin of her stomach. She was so warm and she tasted like nothing he had ever experienced before. She tasted like love.

He broke his lips away and moved against her, his chest moving against hers. The feelings of his bare skin pressed against her bare skin was the most incredible thing Hermione had ever felt. Their skin was warm. Her entire body felt alive and she craved Malfoy in a way that she had never craved a chocolate frog. She smiled and kissed his Adam’s apple, moving her tongue against the throb.

“Hermione,” he hissed and kissed her again, running his hands over her. She pressed against his touch, wanting him, needing him.

“I love you, Draco Malfoy,” she smiled up at him and he paused, looking down at her. Something about lying there on the silk sheets as she whispered that to him brought tears to his full-moon-on-the-water eyes.

“I love you, Hermione Granger,” he whispered and never meant anything more in his entire life.

And then they made love. A love that no one else on the world had ever experienced, for it was pure and out of the simple want to be close to one another.

Malfoy was in total and complete peace when he woke up the next morning. He was numb from pleasure from his head down to his toes, which he curled as he stretched out. Even the thought of leaving for Hermione’s operation didn’t bring a frown to his face.

Everything felt new and wonderful. The sheets beneath him were warm and comforting, the pillow incredibly soft. The air felt light and wonderful, as it did on a fresh spring day as he rode his broom. He ached in all the right places and wished that this moment could last forever.

He turned on his side.

“Morning, love,” he whispered. Tears filled his eyes and he turned to lay on his back, staring at the ceiling, pain in his heart.

Hermione was gone.

He didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.

Chapter 43 - Misplaced
Hermione lay back in a bed, staring at a ceiling with incredibly bright white lights. She felt horrible about leaving Draco sleeping and not even saying goodbye. It had been a perfect moment and she didn’t want to ruin it with an argument. She didn’t want to force him to stay behind. Last night had been perfect and she wanted it to stay that way.

“Alright, Miss Granger. Are you ready?” a voice asked. She looked up into the soft green eyes of Benjamin Harris. She smiled at him and nodded. With a sigh a group of Healers surrounded her. All of them seemed so incredibly nervous. None of them had operated and actually seen inside of someone’s skull.

“Alright, put her to sleep,” Benjamin told one of the Healers and they raised their wands and muttered something, knocking Hermione into a warm black oblivion.

Ginny sat with Harry, Ron, and Amy. They were all waiting in the Gryffindor Common Room for any word of Hermione. Her operation had started over an hour ago. How long were they expected to wait?

“So… what exactly are they doing?” Ron asked Harry again. Harry rolled his eyes. He was the only one who understood completely, seeing as he had been raised as a muggle and lived like a muggle every summer. He frowned, disliking speaking of it.

“They are going to remove the entire top of her skull, they are going to remove the tumor, they are going to put her skull back on and seal it shut,” Harry said testily. Ron grimaced.

“They’re actually going to cut up her brain? Like with their hands?” Ron asked in a squeak. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Ronald, just because you don’t like brains doesn’t mean others don’t!” she exclaimed. Harry frowned when he remembered in their fifth year when Ron had gotten into the fight with a brain. That was the same day Sirius had died… he shook his head and tried not to remember.

“Oh sod off, Ginny. Why not go and snog your BOYFRIEND?” Ron sneered angrily. Tears filled Ginny’s eyes and she turned, running out of the Common Room. “What? What’d I say?”

“You’re an imbecile Ron. Don’t you remember? He dumped her like almost two months ago,” Harry rolled his eyes.

“That jerk,” Ron grumbled. The two of them sat in silence, praying that Hermione would be all right.

Nathan and Billy sat in the Great Hall, picking at some food. Hermione and their father were in operation now. They knew it would be a very long time before they emerged. It would be at least four hours if they remembered correctly. Then again magic was involved so a few hours could probably be docked.

“Doesn’t your girlfriend go to this school?” Nathan asked. Billy frowned and blushed deeply. “What? What’d I say?” he asked.

“Erm… Ginny and I broke up,” Billy mumbled. Nathan gave him a sympathetic sigh.

“Oh, I’m sorry, mate. Why?” Nathan asked. Billy looked at Nathan guiltily and sighed, scratching at the back of his head.

“Well, when you were sick I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and all…”

“Don’t tell me you dumped her because of me!” he cried out. Billy nodded and Nathan slammed his mug down on the table. “Billy that was a really stupid thing to do. What did she say?”

“Well, I sort of wrote her a letter and she never wrote back,” he shrugged. “It’s for the best.”

“No, it’s not for the best! In the name of Merlin find the girl and grovel! Beg for forgiveness! I didn’t know I had such a Nancy boy for a brother.” Billy glared at Nathan.

“I’m not a Nancy boy! Take that back!”

“I will once you and that girl… Jennie? Once you convince her you are an idiot and she gives you a second chance,” Nathan told him.

“Her name is Ginny and I think she already knows that I’m an idiot,” Billy stated. “But I suppose she’d like it better if she heard it from me.”

“That’s the first intelligent thing you’ve said in this conversation,” Nathan grumbled and sipped his coffee.
Billy turned and stood up, brushing off his shirt. He supposed it would be best if he went now. She needed a friend and he needed her. He wondered what she would say to him.

“I’ll talk to you later, Nathan,” Billy sighed and left his brother. He walked out of the great hall and someone with flaming red, straight hair crashed into him. He fell down on his bottom and looked across from him, seeing Ginny sitting there with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled and stood, reaching out to help her up.

“I don’t need your help!” she snapped and stood. She tried to turn and walk away but he caught her arm in his hand.

“Ginny, I need to explain something to you!” he tried to reason with her. She ripped her arm away and stormed away. That did not put out Billy’s determination. He followed her.

“Get away from me!” she hissed at him.

“Ginny I need to explain!” he cried out, practically jogging to keep up with her.

“Leave me alone! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say!” she cried, quickening her speed. Now Billy really was jogging along side of her.

“Ginny listen to me!” he pleaded. She skidded to a stop and glared at him. He froze there.

“No, you listen to me William Harris! You made me fall in love with you and then you broke my heart! You didn’t even do it to my face! You wrote me some pathetic letter and didn’t even give me a reason why…”

“Ginny, my brother was sick.”

“What?” she asked, her voice all of a sudden softening.

“My brother Nathan. When I wrote you that letter… he was in the hospital. He had leukemia… that’s cancer of the blood. He was dying and he wasn’t reacting to treatment. Everything was so overwhelming. I had so many responsibilities, and I didn’t think I could handle the responsibility of being your boyfriend,” he explained to her.

“Oh Billy, I’m so sorry,” she whispered. He took her hands in his and rubbed her fingers gently.

“But Ginny, he’s better now. We took him to St. Mungo’s and they fixed him! It took my brother going through hell and climbing back out for me to realize that I should have never let you go. I lost you and I’ll never forgive myself for it,” he said and kissed her fingertips. Tears filled her eyes.

“You know, Billy, you didn’t lose me,” she whispered. His eyes filled with hope.

“What? What are you saying?” he could barely contain his happiness and excitement. Was she forgiving him? Was she going to take him back? If she did then he would never ask god for anything ever again.

“I’m saying you didn’t lose me… you just misplaced me,” she giggled and Billy laughed. He pulled her close and hugged her. He smelled her strawberry scented hair and couldn’t believe that the world could make anyone so perfect.

“Well, did I find you?” he asked. She nodded and bit her lip. Her forehead was pressed against his and he ran his fingers through her soft hair and stared into her shimmering brown eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked in a whisper of a voice and a tear fell from her eyelash and she let out a giggle.

“Any time you want,” she responded.

He pressed his lips against hers and held her tight, their tears mixing together. They shared their love and their pain.

Upstairs, Amy smiled, knowing that everything was falling back into place…

But also knowing that soon everyone’s world would fall apart…

If Harry couldn’t control his rage…

Chapter 44 - In The Arms of the Enemy
Hermione squinted her eyes together tightly when the carriage went over a bump. No matter how much pain medication she was on, it always hurt. It hurt quite badly, actually. She was a bit grumpy, but also so optimistic and hopeful she couldn’t stop smiling. The surgery had been a success… but there was the question on whether or not she’d survive through her recovery.

The Hogwarts Castle sat in front of her. She remembered the protest that both Dr. Harris and the other Healers had put up when she required to go back to school. She promised them she would stay in bed, but she said that recovering also took the will to leave. She informed them that she would have no will to live if she couldn’t see the ones she loved whenever she wished.

When the carriage pulled to a stop, Professor McGonagall guided her out. Hermione touched her hair and smiled a bit. The Healers had performed a bit of magic so she actually had hair. She didn’t wish to be bald.

“Easy now, Miss Granger,” McGonagall warned as they stepped out of the carriage. “How are you feeling?”

“Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, my headache is a twelve, but despite that I feel better than I have in a long time,” she gave her a smile that ended with a grimace.

“All you need is to rest in bed, dear,” McGonagall sighed and led her through the front doors. Hermione had to admit she was quite surprised when there wasn’t some sort of welcome party there. It was just after lunch. They were probably all in the Great Hall. She wasn’t up for a big celebration. She was up for a nap.

Professor McGonagall bid her goodnight when they reached Sir Bentley. He looked down at Hermione and smiled.

“How are you doing, Miss Granger?” he asked gently. She smiled and shrugged.

“I’m doing the best that can be expected. You?” she asked.

“Better now that I see you’re alright.”

“Thank you. Charlatan,” she said quietly and rubbed her temple.

“As you wish,” he bowed his head slightly and the portrait swung open. She climbed inside and was caught off guard when a pair of strong hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him roughly.

“In the name of Merlin Granger I didn’t even get to say goodbye!” Malfoy cried out and embraced her desperately. Hermione held him back.

“Malfoy, it’s all right. I’m here. I’m fine,” she tried to hush him.

“You could have died! You could have died and I didn’t get to say goodbye!” he cried and held her even tighter. She gently broke his firm grip and leaned back. She held his face in her cold, shivering hands and she gave him as bright of a smile as she could muster.

“The fact that we didn’t have a mushy farewell was the reason I couldn’t die during the operation. I could never let go without you there holding me,” Hermione smiled. He smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes. Hermione got on her tiptoes and kissed him gently. “Now, I’m absolutely exhausted and I need some serious sleep,” she laughed and walked stiffly towards her bedroom.

“We both know you like my bed better. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything too naughty,” Malfoy laughed and led her towards his bedroom.

“They must have altered something else while they were cutting up my brain because I actually trust you,” Hermione laughed and pinched the bridge of her nose as if trying to release the pressure of a killer headache.

“That’s not funny,” Malfoy said grumpily as he opened the door after mumbling the password.

“Yes, well joking about it is the best way I can handle it,” Hermione said, on the verge of snapping.

“In that case I hope that they removed some of your intelligence so you won’t be such an insufferable know-it-all,” Malfoy snickered.

“That’s ten points from Slytherin!” Hermione giggled. He turned and she ran right into his firm chest, and she rested her head against it and listened to his rapid heartbeat. He buried his face in her hair and held her close and tight, and Hermione wanted nothing more than to be close to him again.

“I wonder how to earn those points back,” he whispered into her hair, his hot breath tickling her skin, before commencing to kiss her neck sweetly. Hermione started giggling as she wrapped her arms around her neck.

“By letting me sleep!” she said and kissed him on the lips sweetly before pulling away and walking towards the bed.
She let out a surprised cry as she was swept into the air and in Draco’s arms.

“Fine, but if you go to sleep, it has to be my way,” he laughed.

“Malfoy, please, I’m not up for it…”

“Gutter mind, Miss Granger!” he laughed and laid her down on the bed. “Now you just relax,” he said and kissed her forehead sweetly. She smiled at him and wondered exactly what he had in mind. He turned and trotted from the room. She did trust him, but she just wasn’t sure what he was capable of.

He came back into the bedroom holding a large cotton shirt, one that Hermione often slept in. She eyed him carefully.
He sat next to her on the bed and smiled innocently.

“Sit up,” he whispered. She sat up. His fingers when to the buttons of her blouse and nimbly unbuttoned them. She looked at him in wonder but she trusted him. He slipped off her blouse. He reached for the large, baggy shirt.

“Arms up,” he laughed and she smiled brightly. She couldn’t believe how strange and yet incredibly sweet this boy was. He was actually helping her get ready for bed. This was what she called pampering!
He slipped the shirt over her arms and head. She smiled at him and he blushed, shrugging a bit as if to say it was no big deal. To her it was a huge deal.

“Lie back down,” he whispered and kissed her forehead sweetly. She did so and made no protest when he slipped his hands up her shirt to remove her skirt. She did have to admit that the smooth and still rough skin of his hands chafing against her legs felt incredible, and if she didn’t have such a killer headache she would have been up for some other kinds of fun.

She began to giggle when Draco stripped off his shirt and pants. He stood there half-nude with his silver and green shiny boxers. He rolled his eyes.

“You know you love my fashion sense,” he laughed as he pulled the familiar pair of black jogging pants off of a chair and began to slip them on.

“You know Draco, you can leave them off it you want. I won’t mind,” Hermione winked at him. He kicked off the pants and smiled.

“That’s all the motivation I need,” he laughed and walked towards the bed. He tucked Hermione between the silk sheets and then crawled between them also. Their bodies found each other and they held onto one another tightly.

“Your boxers feel nice,” she giggled as she ran her thigh along the fine, silk material.

“Hmm… you can have a pair,” he laughed and she rolled her eyes.

“As long as it’s not the ones you’re wearing.”

“You know if I were boxer-less you couldn’t resist me!”

“That’s precisely the reason,” Hermione said seriously, looking deep into his eyes. His lips parted for a moment and then he glowered.

“Damn you, Granger!”

“Oh, poor honey,” she giggled and he laughed, holding her tight in his arms. She wrapped her arms around him, her face pressed against his muscular chest, their bodies pressed against one another.
She ran her fingers across the thick scar on his back and began to cry.

“Hermione, don’t cry,” he pleaded with her.

“If I had one wish, it’d be that I could wipe away all your pain,” she whispered and kissed the fallen tear on his soft skin. Her selflessness made him begin to cry, though his tears were silent and landed on the fluffy pillow.

“Don’t waste your wishes on me,” he whispered and held her close. “Now that you’re better…”

“I’m not all better. If I survive through my recovery, then I have to go in for another appointment to see if I’m completely rid of that blasted tumor…” she whispered and Malfoy closed his eyes, hating the fact that the pain wasn’t over yet.

“You know you should be sleeping right now,” Draco whispered and traced small circles gently on her back. She yawned and nestled against him, nodding and mumbling. He smiled and held her in his arms and sang to her gently as she fell asleep.

“I bet she’ll love this!” Harry laughed as he and Ron rushed towards the Head Common Room.

“Yea, she needs a pick-me-up,” Ron smiled. “Just hope the ferret isn’t there,” he grumbled. Harry nodded in agreement. They were on their way up to see Hermione with a large chocolate cake. The words “WELCOME BACK!” were scrawled in red icing across the top, and the cake was covered in gold icing.
Just a reminder of whose house she was in.

“I mean imagine going through brain surgery and having to come back to THAT!” Harry grimaced, thinking of Malfoy.

“Hello, young sirs! What may I do for you this fine evening?” Sir Bentley asked with a cheery smile.

“We came to see Hermione. Char…” Ron began.

“Oh, but boys! She’s EXHAUSTED! Don’t you think you should wait until tomorrow to see her?” he interrupted nervously.

“Don’t be silly, Bentley! Of course she wants to see us,” Harry laughed. “Charla…”

“Now boys, don’t be too hasty! She might not be up for company. She could be in the middle of a good nap!” Sir Bentley interrupted once again, his eyes darting back and forth nervously.

“Stop being such a git! She just went through something terrible! Of course she wants to see us. CHARLATAN!” Ron shouted before Sir Bentley could interrupt again. He sighed and hung his head low.

“Very good,” he said sadly and swung the portrait open. They climbed inside, careful not to drop the cake. They looked around the empty Common Room. The silence threw them off a bit.

“Wonder where she is,” Ron scratched his chin. “Remember which one’s her bedroom?” Ron asked. Harry shook his head.

“Ron, you check that one and I’ll check this one,” Harry said. “They’re both cracked open a bit so you won’t need the passwords.” Ron paused and cocked an eyebrow.

“What if… err… what if Malfoy’s in one of them?” he asked sadly. Harry snickered.

“He’s been odd this year. I doubt he’ll try to fight us if we tell him it was a mistake,” Harry shrugged. “But still I hope he gives us a good reason to hex him.”
Ron smiled and walked towards the bedroom Harry had pointed at. He opened up the door slowly and peered inside.

An empty bed was there, and no one was inside.

“Must be Malfoy’s room,” Ron mumbled to himself, though he couldn’t help but notice how feminine it seemed.
He turned to Harry.

“Mate, she in there?” he asked Harry. He stood frozen in the doorway, staring in, rigid. Ron cocked his head and walked towards him slowly. “Mate? You all right?” he asked. He stood behind Harry and looked over his shoulder…

And saw Hermione sleeping in the arms of the enemy.

(A/N: Sorry to my faithful readers, but this story is coming to an end! There are four more chapters left of the story, so it should all be posted by the end of this week or by early next week. I hope you all enjoyed the story, and it saddens me knowing that it's coming to an end)

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