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Chapter 3 - Conversations Getting Harder

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1 Chapter 3 - Conversations Getting Harder on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:24 am




Something changing
The secret is building
Almost over and somehow seems a beginning
Losing focus
It must be boring
Looking forward never turns out the wrong way

It was December when they met up again. They had seen each other through out the months. Said hi and exchanged a few words but nothing significant. Then after the Christmas feast there was a chance for Harry to meet up with her. They had to keep their relationship secret because every time Harry had mentioned Rose’s existence in front of Hermione and Ron they had both scowled and started warning him not to talk to her at any cost. He hated the fact that he couldn’t even see the girl that his heart yearned for because of his best friends. They acted like they knew something about her that he was overlooking, something despicable. After the Christmas feast, though, he saw her. She was headed outside for some reason that he could not think of and he followed her.

Conversations alone
Complicate us together on our own
Conversations alone
So alone

When he caught up with her Rose turned toward him. Her face always perfectly alike to porcelain was now red and covered with tears. Her eyes were puffy when she looked at him. Harry tried to take her into his arms, to comfort her, but she would not let him. She simply looked at him and shook her head slowly. Her thoughts were in a tangled mess and she couldn’t sort them out. Now would be a perfect time to have a cauldron of pensieve but unluckily she didn’t have any. Harry showed genuine care when he asked her what was wrong. She replied, “It’s us. Do you think we’re going to work? I mean I loved you when I saw you on the train. I have other motives for being at Hogwarts but I loved you none the less. Now your friends do not trust me so you are forced to stay away we say hi once a week and almost nothing at all more. Can you truly tell me you can stand these conversations that we have for hours when we are by ourselves then nothing when we are with other people?”

No one calling
But someone is bound to reply
No one out there
But someone hears every word
I know we’re playing the same game
Easing the conscience by

Harry shook his head. “No I can’t stand it but I’m willing to try. If my friends don’t like you then I will make them-” Rose interrupted him when she heard he was thinking about telling his friends more than they already knew, “You can’t do that Harry! Ron and Hermione they hate Slytherins and they especially hate me because I’m from Durmstrang.” Harry silently agreed with her. On the inside he was hurt, bleeding, crying for her but on the outside he showed a stronger front. “We are trying to keep this quite but do you honestly think they will not find out somehow? I know them. I’ve known them since our first year and they are my best friends. They are bound to find out that we have had deeper conversation than just saying hi in the hallways. Even if I don’t tell them.”

The road was taken
The path led on
Til a new one’s left to clear
The signal’s given
The show turned on til emotion cut too near

Rose nodded. She knew that they were two of the smartest students in Hogwarts. They were bound to find out but they had chosen this path of secrecy. If they were to stay together they had to keep it a secret. She looked up into Harry’s eyes, her own now having lost their puffiness and returned to their normal shade. “We can’t tell them now. They would not trust either of us. It will take longer for them to figure out if they ever do than if you were to tell them.” Harry agreed and he embraced Rose. For several minutes they stood their hugging each other then they broke apart and Harry went back up to the school.

The road was taken
The path led on
The signals given
The show turned on
Still receiving
And still believing
The time that you take isn’t gone
Keep us from together on our own
Together on our own

Rose stared after him yet again. Both the times they had secretly had conversations she was left staring after him. Thinking of her feelings for him and how deep she was getting. She could not let her family down like this but it seemed that she also couldn’t lose Harry. Even without the conversations of a normal relationship she knew she cared for him a lot, maybe too much. She walked slowly back into the school and returned to their lives of secrecy.

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