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Chapter 4 - Other Light

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1 Chapter 4 - Other Light on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:25 am


"Other Light"

Never tell your friends
They’ll never understand
Confessions only burn themselves in the fire
Choke on every word
That no one’s ever heard
Your sentimental thoughts are strangled and tired

Once again several months had passed since Harry talked to Rose. It was spring now. The birds could be heard singing outside, the grass was greener than ever before and the Quidditch Pitch was calling the teams. Harry could swear he heard, “play…play…play…” on the wind coming from the direction of the pitch. The final match was coming up and he couldn’t stand the tension. He knew they would win. With the great players they had on the team that year they couldn’t possibly lose. The knowledge and thought that they could only win let his mind wander to other things, on to more feminine objects.

One night when he was sitting in the common room and staring at the fire Hermione asked him what was wrong. “Just thinking. Why don’t you like the Slytherin girl named Rose?” This question started her and Ron off on their usual rant that they went on when he spoke of her. “Harry you know she is dangerous. She is not to be messed with,” Hermione said. Ron was nodding his head adamantly agreeing with her. Harry just sighed and went back off into his reverie. He couldn’t stop thinking of her no matter how long they went without speaking to each other.
Then the night before the final match they had dinner and once again Harry’s attention was drawn to Rose. This time however the smallest nod passed between them again and Harry got up and followed her out of the Great Hall. Out to the Forbidden Forest which had become their normal meeting place.

See it in another light
You’ll see it working out alright
I know I won’t change any mind
As long as they’re still changing mine

When they reached the forest and were hidden from view Rose turned to him. This time her face was not red but very pale and thin. Harry started to ask what was wrong with her, if she was sick, but she interrupted him. “Harry I can’t stand this anymore. Three times we have met this year and no more. It is crazy. No matter what we feel for each other it can’t get our relationship passed these pitiful conversations we have hidden in the forest. I am tired. I have been thinking of you for the entire school year. Wondering about you and dreaming about you but I can only talk to you three times. It is not enough. I am sorry but I can’t do this anymore.” Harry sighed, it seemed like he was doing a lot of that lately, “If you are agreeing with Hermione and Ron how am I supposed to change their views? All that I had to inspire me was you. They can’t go on thinking all Slytherin’s are bad because now I know differently. If you’ll just patient then I can change their mind about you.”

As simple as they can
They’re telling you again
What they think you’ve done is so unbecoming
But you don’t have to take
Every old mistake
And always see it as a fall while you’re running

Rose grabbed his hand. She held it tightly as if it were a life preserver. She didn’t want to let go but everything in the world was going against them. Her family didn’t know about them because she would be disowned if they did. His friends wouldn’t let him speak to her freely because he would have no friends if he did. Nothing was on their side besides their love for each other. “Your friends don’t think what you are doing is right. They think you have possibly gone mad. I can’t let you do this to yourself anymore. It’s just too sad. You can’t take the weight of the world on your shoulders and I don’t think I can help bear the burden because I am too weak.”

Saw it in other light
I saw it work out alright
I know I won’t change your mind
As long as they’re changing mine

Tears formed in Harry’s eyes but he refused to let them fall. He felt that feelings in his throat again that refused to leave. “R-rose I-I ca-can’t lose you. Y-you brought m-meaning into m-my life.” Rose dropped his hand. She knew it was for their own good that she had to let go. She knew holding on would solve only one of their problems and the world of other problems would overshadow that solution. Harry looked into her eyes. He couldn’t let her go. He had saved the world from destruction many times and when he had something that could save him he had to let it go. Why was fate so cruel? Rose squared her shoulders and walked away, silent tears streamed down her face. Harry was the one left then to stare after her. He wondered how she could not care for him anymore. What he did not know was that what she had just done had shattered her heart into a million tiny pieces.

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