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Chapter 5 - Here Without You

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1 Chapter 5 - Here Without You on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:25 am




That was a first. Although that was how the old adage goes, there's a first time for everything. Harry was left standing to stare after Rose as she went back to the castle. He wanted to run after her to stop her and convince her that he would make everything alright but how could he; his feet weren't even budging from the springy grass. He felt tears rolling down his faces but he didn't even wipe them away. All he managed to do was stare up at Hogwarts long after Rose had retreated into the safety and comfort of the school, until almost every light was off. Finally he managed to move his feet. Although it felt as if he were back in his fourth year when he had walked through the odd mist. He wondered for a moment if Voldemort was going to appear and kill him then and there. Then he snapped himself out of it telling himself not to be such a prat. Somehow he managed to get back up to bed without getting caught. Truth be told he hadn't really cared if anyone had caught him. His heart felt like it was broken into a million pieces and his green eyes showed every bit of this. Luckily Hermione and Ron were in bed already so they did not know anything was going on.

A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face

A thousand lights had made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same
But all the miles had separate
They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face

The next morning Harry went down to breakfast in the Great Hall as usual. During breakfast he continued to glance over at Rose. Once when Hermione and Ron were bickering about homework he stared at the Slytherin table and became lost in thought. Until,

"Harry! Are you even listening to me?!"

"Sorry Hermione. What was it?"

Hermione followed his gaze over to the Slytherin table. Then she got the same bossy tone in her voice that was usually there, "Harry you're not honestly still going on about her are you? For heavens sake haven't you been listening to Ron and I for the past few months? She is not good for you. Absolutely no good can come from this." Harry nodded. He couldn't bear for Hermione to still think something was going on when last night any hope of that had been cut off... It was because of them. They were the ones that had run off any hope of love he had. Finally he just decided to forgo breakfast since he wasn't eating anyway. He got up and left the Great Hall without Ron or Hermione and headed for his next class. Then as he walked mechanically toward the dungeons it dawned on him that his only class today was double potions with the Slytherins and he took this class alone since he needed it for his chosen career field. Just what I need a class in which I can watch Rose giggle with her stupid friends about how I was left outside crying like a baby last night.

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

That is almost exactly what happened that day too. He had taken a seat right behind Rose and could hear her laughing with her friends the entire period. How could she act as if nothing had happened as if she didn't care at all. Harry assumed, of course, that she didn't having only Cho to compare this relationship to. He had managed to only get on Snape’s bad side a couple of times luckily. As he walked back up out of the dungeons he gave a sigh of relief feeling glad to have that over at least. Since Hermione and Ron still had classes he decided to go up to his dorm and get a nap in. Napping was his solution to this crisis. If he was asleep at least he wouldn't have to think about it. Of course that didn't help much either since he had recently started dreaming about Voldemort again. He went up to his dorm and went to sleep anyway.

The miles just keep rolling as the people either way to say hello
I hear this life is overrated but I hope it gets better as we go

A few hours later he went to down to the great hall for dinner. Hermione and Ron were both watching him with concern. However he didn't notice any of this since he was still blaming them for this mess. During dinner he kept looking up and down the Slytherin table for any sign of Rose but strangely she was no where to be found. Perhaps she skipped dinner for some reason? Probably shacking up with Malfoy. After dinner he just wanted to go up to his dorm and go back to bed. This, however, was not likely as when he was about to walk up the stairs with Ron and Hermione he heard something outside. Stopping dead in his tracks his heart leapt. Could he have heard what he thought he heard? Harry stood still for a minute motioning for Ron and Hermione to keep quite and they obeyed. Then he heard it again. It was definitely someone screaming outside. Hagrid hadn't left the Great Hall yet so couldn't be doing anything. Harry ran outside to see what was going on leaving Hermione and Ron behind him yelling after him trying to figure out what was going on. Then giving up they followed him outside.

Harry's heart was hammering in his chest as he reached the lake. Looking everywhere for any sign of who had scream he didn't see anything. Then finally he heard it again. He followed the screaming and saw what looked like someone tied up and someone else towering over the person. Suddenly his scar burned worse than ever. He clapped his hand to his head and Hermione automatically asked him what the matter was. Ignoring her he continued forward now with his wand in his hand.

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