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Chapter 18 - But its not really fine

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1 Chapter 18 - But its not really fine on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:58 am


Lily screamed as a jet of green light shot across the room. Everyone froze and as the dust cleared, two bodies could be seen lying on the floor. Soft groans could be heard coming from one of the bodies, and as the red-headed one began to stir, Lily and Albus let out sighs of relief.

Scorpius quickly ran over to the lifeless body of his father. After checking him, he turned to Al. “You killed him!”

Despite Al’s efforts to remain calm and collected, like an Auror is supposed to, his face gave away that he also couldn’t believe what he had just done. “He was going to kill
her,” he managed to shoot back at Scorpius.

Scorpius rose from his place on the floor, eyes intent on Al. He slowly started to walk towards the Auror. “You killed my father,” he pointed his wand and started to again fire spells at Albus, this time with much more determination. Al blocked and countered, and soon the two were locked in a fierce duel.

Feeling the need to help their friend, the younger Goyle and Nott began to fire spells as well. Lily ran to her brother’s side and started blasting back. Rose had managed to pull herself off the floor and find her wand. She entered the fray just as the older wizards began to attack. Rose, Albus, and Lily were very talented wizards indeed. However, they were out numbered two to one and half of their enemies were much older and more experienced than them. They soon found themselves crouched behind a couch, strategically firing spells out.

“I don’t know how much longer we can hold on like this,” Al cried as a curse crashed a mirror above their heads, sending shards of glass raining down on them. The three of them covered their heads with their arms until the shower had stopped. “I think if we run fast enough, we can make it to that window,” he pointed to an open window behind him, “but we’d have to run and go straight to it,”

“Wait!” Rose shouted over the blasting of curses around them, “We can’t leave without Kenny,” As she turned to fire a curse over their makeshift fort, Lily noticed a painful wince shoot across her face.

“Rose! Are you ok?” Lily asked concerned, while casting her own spells to hold their attackers off.

“I’m fine!” Rose called back, “But we need to get Kenny and get out of here. Al is right, we’re never going to be able to beat them,” She popped up to fire back, and just as she did a jet of purple light shot towards her. It hit her shoulder and threw her back.

“ROSE!” Lily quickly crawled over to her cousin, trying her best to stay low and out of the way.

“I’m ok,” Rose tried to shake Lily off, but Lily could tell that she was more hurt than she was letting on, “Really,” Rose pushed herself onto her knees and started to crawl back to where Al was still putting up a fight, “C’mon Lily!!”

Just then, a resounding crash echoed through the room. Rose, Lily, and Al resumed their position with their hands over their heads, convinced that something else was going to fall on them. Then they heard a familiar voice boom, “Auror office! Wands in the air!” At the sound of the voice, Al, Rose and Lily quickly popped their heads up just in time to see their attackers’ attention diverted from them to Harry, Ron and their team of Aurors.

The Aurors were too much for Scorpius and his lackeys, and within minutes they were in the custody of the frightening looking Aurors. One Auror ran over to Draco Malfoy’s body, “He’s dead, sir,” he called back to Harry.

Another man ran to the crumpled form of Kenny, “He’s not!” Both Harry and Ron rushed to where Rose, Lily, and Al were barricaded in the corner.

Ron looked square at Rose with a mix of fury and relief in his face, “Rose Weasley! Don’t you ever, EVER, do anything like that to me again! You could have been killed,
killed Rose!!”

“I know,” she looked up at her father, “But I wasn’t, and they had Kenny. What was I supposed to do?”

Call me!” Ron looked exasperated. He wrapped her up in his arms and she let out a little shriek of pain, “What’s the matter?” he stared at her, concerned.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” she quickly moved her hand from where it had been involuntarily clutching her side. “I think we need to get him to the hospital,” she glanced at Kenny, who was now being levitated by the same Auror that checked him in the first place.

They all stood up. Harry gave Albus a firm handshake, “Good work, Albus. But next time, please bring some more trained backup,”

Lily put a mock offended look on her face, “What are you talking about Daddy?” she dramatically put her hand on her chest, “You don’t think I’m cut out to be an Auror?”

“Lils,” he put his arm around his daughter’s shoulders, “I will never, ever, let you become an Auror,” he smiled down at her.

“Well then, it’s a good thing I don’t want to be one then, isn’t it,”

Al looked up at his father, “Dad, I killed him,”

“What?” Harry asked his son.

“I was the one who killed Malfoy,” Al looked thoroughly ashamed of himself, “He was going to kill Rose. I didn’t know what else to do,”

“Sometimes, Albus, those kinds of things need to be done,” Harry said solemnly.

“Yeah, Al,” Lily piped up, “He would have killed all of us,”

There was a pause and after a while Al asked, “So what’s going to happen now?”

Harry thought for a moment, “Well, there will have to be an official inquiry. There always has to be when someone dies. But you’ll be alright,”

Albus stared at his feet and nodded slowly.

The five of them left the mansion together, followed by an unconscious Kenny, while the rest of the team stayed to clean up.


“I’m fine!” Rose cried as she slapped away the young nurse’s hand for the third time. They had only been at the hospital for about an hour. Al and Lily had gotten themselves bandaged up. They only had some minor cuts and bruises. Kenny had been taken to a private room and had been stabilized. Rose was refusing to let anyone touch her at all.

“Miss Weasley,” the nurse tried to reason with her yet again, “At the very least, you have broken ribs and a pretty bad curse burn on your shoulder. Both of those things need to be fixed before they get worse. You also need to be checked out for any further damage,”

“I’ve told you, I’m fine,” she glared at the nurse, “I’ve also told you that I’m not going to let you do anything to me until I can see my mother,” she inhaled sharply as she attempted to cross her arms across her chest. The nurse rolled her eyes and sighed. She really didn’t think that Rose was being very reasonable at all. She couldn’t understand why this girl wouldn’t jut let her fix her up, then she could go see her mother.

Just as the nurse was going to try and talk Rose into letting her examine her again, Healer Parcell walked into the room, sporting his bright smile. “Ah Annie,” he addressed the nurse, “How is our last Weasley?”

“Acting extremely childish, sir,” Annie glanced sideways at a clearly upset Rose.

“I want to see my mother,” Rose stated bluntly to Parcell, “You promised you would make sure she was alright,”

“That I did,” Parcell smiled, “And she is doing better. However, the undue stress of her daughter running off and nearly getting herself killed was not helpful,”

“Where is she? I want to see her,”

“Why don’t we get those obviously broken ribs and that burn fixed up, then we’ll go and see her,” Parcell suggested.

“No,” Rose responded, “I want to see her now. Then you can do whatever you want with me,” Parcell looked at Annie, who could only shrug her shoulders and shake her head.

Parcell looked skeptical, “She’s not going to be happy we haven’t treated you yet,”

“We have other things we need to deal with right now. It’ll be ok,” Rose responded dryly.

Parcell though for a moment, but he finally conceded, “Alright, I’ll take you to your mother’s room,” he pointed a finger at her, “But then you’ll let Annie here fix your ribs and your shoulder, and make sure there’s nothing else wrong, you understand?”

A smile spread on Rose’s face, “Deal,” Parcell helped her off the examining table she was sitting on. She gripped her side where her broken ribs were and slowly walked beside him. Parcell looked at her and rolled his eyes, “What?” she asked, “I’m fine,”

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