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Chapter 5 - Vivaldi

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1 Chapter 5 - Vivaldi on Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:46 pm


Chapter 5

As we crossed the posh hotel lobby to the registration desk, the thoughts of those around us were unavoidable.

Wow, what a stunning couple! Celebrities, I’m sure. Where have I seen them before? Is she the girl from High School Musical?

Take a look at that hot guy! What a lucky girl. Oh! And check out the rock on her hand. He has to be either a model or on the list of hottest 30 under 30.

Both so pale – they must not be from California. Russian maybe? Look at how he looks at her – to be so in love like that…

I kept my eyes on our approaching destination and Bella, refusing to meet the stares of the other hotel guests that followed us across the room. Bella was oblivious to it all, which undoubtedly added to her appeal and mystique. She clung dependently to my side; however her actions came off rather possessive, even to me. I loved it.

We strolled up to the front desk, my arm holding my bride close so that I could feel her pulse and taste her intoxicating scent. A shuddering thrill coursed through my body as the realization that she would be legally mine in a couple of short weeks began to sink in. It must have been something about being out of our comfort zone and away from our friends and families; the two of us were temporarily alone in the world with only each other to concern ourselves with.

“Cullen.” I spoke as softly as I could to the awaiting hostess at the counter, hoping no one else would hear. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other guests watching us carefully and listening closely for any indication that we were someone noteworthy. Bella stayed a half-step behind me, but still close enough that I could feel her warmth. My arm slipped from her shoulders to her waist as I reached around and pulled her closer to me.

“Yes Mr. Cullen, your suites are ready.” I casually handed the hostess my credit card and tried hard to tune out her thoughts.

Honeymoon maybe? But why would they book two suites? Must be for personal assistants. There’s no way they’re not together – look at that chemistry! I’ve never seen two people so in-tune to one another. What a lucky couple.

I nodded reflexively in response to her thoughts, focusing again on Bella as she unconsciously leaned into me. My grip around her waist tightened, pulling her even closer so I could brush my lips through her hair.

“Enjoy your stay, Mr. & Mrs. Cullen.”

Bella’s eyes darted quickly to the hostess, then to me. I instantly regretted my actions, not realizing they would lead to an assumption that made Bella uncomfortable. I glanced apprehensively at her, trying to decipher her thoughts through her facial expressions alone.

She held my gaze for a moment, then turned graciously back to the hostess. “Thank you.” Her eyes returned to mine, now burning with ardor.

Oh Bella my love, I thought. The tormenting ache deep inside of me that arose from our first session of music lessons was stronger then ever. I considered sweeping her into my arms and carrying her to the nearest private alcove to make good on all of her conditions stipulated the night she formally accepted my marriage proposal. Despite all of the self-imposed rules that we had been diligently following, I was inadvertently beginning to dream up some creative ways to possibly circumvent them.

I would simply melt if someone looked at me like that. You can almost taste the passion burning between them!

My thoughts of rule-breaking debauchery were quickly silenced by the hostess’s thoughts that were reflecting my palpable lust back on me tenfold. I was going to go mad if I didn’t get Bella out of here.

“Shall we?” I took Bella’s right hand and led her rather covetously towards the elevator. I couldn’t help but watch her left hand sway next to her as we marched through the bright lights, the diamond glinting crazily at every angle. I hoped this would stop the increasingly lewd thoughts of the majority of the male guests. I could only imagine what I’d hear later that evening once we returned to the lobby, Bella in her gown.

She startled me with an out of the blue question. “What are we listening to right now?” It took me a second to comprehend what she was referring to.

“Vivaldi. Four Seasons,” I answered curtly. Typical hotel ambiance music. How appropriate that they play this piece at the Four Seasons Hotel.

She frowned. “You don’t like it?”

I instantly regretted my sharp tone. It was not meant at her innocent question, but rather in response to the continual assault of libidinous thoughts from those around us. I released her hand and put my arm around her shoulders, leaning in so only she could hear.

“Vivaldi is a little…boring for me. I prefer the romantic and contemporary composers.” I let my lips graze the top of her forehead.

She nodded thoughtfully. I watched her closely as we approached the elevators, yearning to know what she was thinking at the moment. Her face gave no indication to her thoughts as usual. Would I ever be allowed into her mind? It was killing me.

I let out an exasperated sigh of relief when we entered an awaiting, empty elevator. Finally. I would have her to myself for the next few hours. To do with what I wish, I thought iniquitously. This was definitely going to be an interesting evening.


I opened the door to the suite for her and carried our bags inside. The sitting room was tastefully appointed, and very large by hotel standards. I turned on a few lights as I continued back to the separate bedroom. The curtains on the balcony doors were wide open, offering an exquisite view of the city.

“Oh Edward, this is unbelievable!” Bella exclaimed as she approached me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Shall we check out the balcony?” I whispered in her hair breathlessly.


I smiled at her ethereal face as I took her hand tenderly in mine, leading her outside. Every thought of our journey through the hotel lobby vanished from my mind. All that mattered was that we were here, alone, together. The late afternoon air was balmy and fragrant, pleasingly befitting as we stood side by side at the railing, taking in the impressive view.

After a moment of blissful silence, I spoke casually. “I should let you get dressed.”

“Now that I know what I’m dressing up for, I should have asked Alice to come with.” Bella gazed up at me playfully, almost like she was secretly plotting something. But I had no idea what.

“I was told to tell you that if you require her assistance, simply click your heels together three times, and say out loud ‘there’s no sister like Alice’ and she’ll magically appear.”

Bella tossed her hair over her shoulder before rolling her eyes. Her expression was adorable. “I think I can manage.”

That was my cue. I motioned back towards the room. “I will be back to pick you up in an hour for dinner. Call me if you need anything.”

She reached out and grabbed my arm as I headed back inside. “You’re leaving?”

“I have my own room, remember?”

She scowled and bit her lip. “I hope you’re not seriously staying in your own room by yourself all night.”

“Nope. Unless you want me to.” I winked at her. “I’ll check out the other accommodations and we can pick the room more to your liking to stay in tonight. But don’t tell Charlie that.”

She snorted. “We’re splitting hairs now. You’ve been staying over in my bedroom for the past year. When you’re not staying in my room, I’m usually staying in yours. We’ll be married in two weeks. Does it really matter that we pretend to sleep in separate rooms this late in the game?” She gave me a pointed look. “I mean, it’s not like we are really doing anything we shouldn’t be.”

“My offer still holds. Just say the word.”

She sighed in frustration. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Bella, as much as I’d love to tempt you right now, we really should be getting ready.” I turned to walk towards the door, grabbing my bags on the way. “But we can continue this conversation after the show. See you in an hour.” She had no idea how difficult it was for me to make that speech sound nonchalant and convincing at the same time.

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