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Chapter 7 - Davis Hall

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1 Chapter 7 - Davis Hall on Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:48 pm


Chapter 7
Somehow we made it down to the lobby without attacking one another, but only because we had to share the elevator with a very dirty-minded elevator operator. His thoughts assaulted me during the entire seventeen floor descent.

Dude, she is SMOKING HOT! I wonder if I took a step closer if I’d be able to see down her…

I growled softly and shot an evil glare at the man, simultaneously pulling Bella tighter to my side. Feeling her body against me reignited the fires from before, but if I ignored those feelings then I’d be forced to endure more of the lewd thoughts permeating the elevator. It was a no-win situation.

He doesn’t look so tough. I bet I could take him in a fight. That hot piece of ass would be worth a fight.

I continued to convey as much warning through my eyes as I could to the churlish imbecile.

I bet she’d be fun in the sack. Usually it’s those innocent girl-next-door types that are the wildest. But I’m sure I could show her a thing or two…

My lips curled back around my teeth. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the floors slowly count down. 10, 9, 8…

I wonder if Sheila would remember her and give me her room number? Shouldn’t be that hard to find out – there’s only so many rooms on the 17th floor.

This idiotic pervert just wasn’t getting it. I growled louder, watching him closely for any sign that he’d start to make good on all of his thoughts. This time Bella heard me; she glanced up at me in confusion.

I broke my stare at the waste of a human and looked back down at Bella, barely shaking my head in a silent answer to her questioning gaze. Just then, the elevator dinged twice, indicating our arrival on the ground floor. I let out an exasperated sigh and whisked Bella out of the elevator as quickly as I dared.

We escaped the singular torture of the elevator only to arrive in an arena full of penetrating thoughts, all of which were directed at us.

I wish my husband looked that dashing in a tux. But why is he scowling? I’d be willing to do anything to get that off of his face…

That has to be a Vera Wang gown! I swear I saw it online just a few weeks ago as part of her new fall line. I would kill to have a dress like that.

I wonder if they’re into swinging…

I visibly cringed at the last thought, forcing myself not to look over in the direction from which it came. The lobby was bustling with activity, and although we weren’t the only couple dressed for the symphony that evening, we were apparently the most attractive. Mixed into the vulgar and distasteful thoughts were a few pleasant ones, noting the way Bella clung to my side or the way we glanced at one another. Although I much preferred hearing the muses of our love and passion versus licentious objectifications of Bella’s physical attributes, the continual hammering of the former were nearly as torturous. Being reminded over and over of how much electricity was visible between us was once again taxing my self control.

“What are they saying?” Bella’s innocent question surprised me.

“You don’t want to know.”

“That bad?”

I couldn’t help but smile at my lovely bride’s inquisitiveness. “For the most part. Regardless, all thoughts are on us at the moment.”

Bella began chewing on her lip unconsciously. “We’re not the only ones dressed for the symphony. I’ve seen at least a half dozen other couples in formal attire.”

“Yes, but we apparently stand out from the masses.” We had finally arrived at the front doors, and I slipped a valet ticket into the palm of one of the doormen. “The car should be here shortly.” I pulled her possessively up against me and kissed the top of her head, glaring over at another hotel employee who had been mentally undressing Bella in his mind.

The car appeared a few minutes later and I led Bella confidently to the passenger door. Just a few seconds longer and the torture will be over. At least until we arrived at Davies Symphony Hall. Hopefully the other concert goers would have less explicit minds.

I didn’t know they were filming a new James Bond movie here in town!

I tried to suppress a growing laugh as I helped Bella take her seat before walking as quickly as possible to the driver’s door.

But that’s not Daniel Craig! Who cares - check out the Aston Martin! That guy has got the hottest car and the hottest chick – damn!

I rolled my eyes as I slammed my door shut. At least with the tinted windows no other misled tourists would mistake us for Ian Fleming characters.

Turning to Bella once we were blissfully alone again, I smiled at her virtuous face, reaching out to stroke her cheek.

“Are we still in trouble?” she asked sultrily.

Out of the kettle and into the fire, I thought deplorably. “Can you promise to keep your hands to yourself for the remainder of the car ride?” I pulled away from her, placing both hands on the steering wheel as we pulled away from the hotel.

“That doesn’t sound like much fun.”

“Lucky for you it’s a short drive.” I turned and winked at her.

Bella sighed loudly. “I’m not keeping that promise once we’re there.”

I chuckled lightly. “Do you promise not to keep that promise?”

“I promise to make you keep your promise of telling me what was so funny when you zipped up my dress.”

“Although I promised to tell you, I did not specify when I would tell you. I hope you’re not expecting it anytime soon.”

“Now is as good of time as any,” she goaded.

I glanced over at her again, grinning devilishly. “I know of a better time, and this is not it. I’ll tell you later tonight.”


“Didn’t I promise already?”

“Yes, but you didn’t promise to tell me exactly when. Does later mean an hour from now, or after we get back to the hotel when you’ve got me shackled to the bed?”

A libidinous image of Bella wearing handcuffs and nothing else flashed through my head.

“Enough, you silly girl. Behave.” I growled in response to both her words and my salacious thoughts.

Bella giggled, then turned away from me to watch us fly through the downtown streets of San Francisco. We arrived in front of Davies Hall a few moments later.

We pulled up to another valet, and I hastily rushed to Bella’s door to escort her out before the valet attendant beat me to it. No one would be touching my dear Bella tonight except me; not even her hand.

Her eyes danced in delight as I pulled her up out of the car and wrapped one arm around her waist. Again, I made sure her left hand was free at her side so there would be no misunderstanding of our relationship. I could already see the ring performing its own dazzling in the bright lights as we glided together into the hall.

The air was heavy with excitement; anxious patrons of the symphony flitted around the lobby, visiting with one another and studying the evening’s program. I instantly felt at home amongst the well-attired crowd; it had been nearly a decade since I had last attended such an event with Carlisle and Esme. The formalness of such concerts excited me as I watched the human crowd display atypical, well-mannered behavior to one another. I hoped the thoughts of the patrons stayed as courteous as their words.

How nice! It’s so rare to see a young couple attend, and dressed so well!

The woman whose thoughts had sung through my mind was in her mid-60s, and was smiling warmly at both of us. I couldn’t help but return her friendly gesture.

My, they are both so beautiful! What a dashing young man, and look at how he adores his stunning bride! I wonder if they’ll become season ticket holders? We could certainly use some fresh young blood around here.

I coughed back the laugh that threatened to escape at the mention of ‘fresh young blood’. If only she knew.

Although we continued to receive plenty of appreciative looks from the other concert goers, we were fortunately not the center of attention as we mingled through the crowd. Most of the thoughts that bombarded me were similar to the older woman’s; very few were as inappropriate as those in the hotel lobby. That helped ease the tension I felt lurking inside of me. Bella gazed around her, wide-eyed and fascinated with everything. Occasionally she’d look up at me, a constant smile gracing her heart-shaped face. She radiated pure beauty.

After receiving our programs, I led Bella past the entrance to the auditorium’s main level. She turned to look at me again.

“Aren’t our seats in there?” She motioned towards the door.

I hid a sly grin. “Nope.” I steered her towards the grand staircase leading upstairs.

Her brow knitted in bewilderment. “Oh, the balcony then?”

I just smiled, choosing not to answer her. I grasped her waist tightly as we ascended, allowing no chance for Bella to trip or stumble in her long gown. Although she had been surprisingly graceful up to that point, I knew it couldn’t last all night.

At the top of the staircase, we walked past the large doors to the main balcony seating area. Again, Bella turned to me.

“Edward, where are we going?”

“To our seats.” I gave her an impish smirk as we walked down a dark hallway that circled the auditorium.

At the end of the hallway I handed our tickets to an awaiting usher, who opened the door to our box. We passed by two heavy garnet-colored curtains and stepped down to a set of four large seats.

Bella gasped when she saw the view.

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