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Chapter 12 - Ravel

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1 Chapter 12 - Ravel on Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:57 pm


Just like Schumann’s Florestan, I was now thoroughly indulging in my wildest desires. And along with that indulgence came the cold hard fact that I no longer had control over myself. Even if I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. I just hoped she’d say something if I hurt her in any way.

Bella gasped as we both collapsed on the oversized bed, my mouth working urgently against her neck again. I hovered above her, but I was close enough that I could still feel the warm waves of her body heat against my chest. Her hands were instantly in my hair, pulling at me as she continued to heave.

It took me a moment to figure out what she was trying to do; it was like my mind had irretrievably shut itself off from any possible form of thought. I worked my way hungrily around her jaw, allowing her tugging hands to guide me to her waiting lips.

I started to tell her I loved her, but she was too impatient for words. Bella pushed up and kissed me fiercely; her tongue flitting across my lips and causing the throbbing ache to grow into a searing pain of desire. Her hands had detangled themselves from my hair once they succeeded in leading my lips to hers, and were now attempting to remove my open shirt from my arms. I willingly shifted my weight to accommodate her actions.

Although I had never come close to drowning in either of my lives, I was fairly sure I was experiencing all of the sensations of that maddening sort of death. I was gasping for breath along with Bella, even though I didn’t need it. My head was dizzy and an oddly pleasant weight seemed to be pressing down on me, forcing me into a world where I couldn’t hear or see. All I was aware of was how warm and soft Bella felt under my own body, and how her scent continued to enticingly torture me.

My soaked shirt was now successfully off, and Bella hastily tossed it to the floor where it landed with an audible thump. Her hands were back on my bare shoulders, tracing down along my back. I groaned against her lips as a gust of wind blew through the open balcony doors and brought with it another trace of Bella’s thrilling scent. The pummeling to each of my senses was unbounded – her fervid touch, scent, and the delectable taste of her lips against mine. Then there was the rousing music adding yet another layer to the experience. A part of my brain recognized Ravel’s Bolero beginning to play; its slow build of the repeating melody acting as a mechanism for driving my actions to progress faster and faster. The only thing missing at that moment was sight.

I pulled away from Bella’s mouth to allow her to take a much needed breath. Her heart felt like it would erupt out of her chest at any moment, and she wheezed loudly while I raised my head from hers ever so slightly to behold my striking bride. The light sheen of moisture on her face reflected the candlelight in stunning glints of prism-like rainbows. I saw a single drop hovering on her long lashes; another clinging to the corner of her mouth. I bent down to run my lips against both, savoring the hint of her own taste mingled in with the salt and water. Bella closed her eyes as she temporarily regained her breath, one hand back in my hair while the other moved around to my bare chest to trace every muscle.

She was so beautiful and so perfect. I inhaled deeply again, feeding the burn that was becoming more and more painfully prurient as it directed my actions. I began to sit up above my exposed Bella; my hands reaching out to caress either side of her sweltering neck. My fingertips drifted along her collarbone, then down the very top of her chest until they reached the first button of her waterlogged shirt. Her breathing became heavy again in reaction to my touch and her own hands moved to my waist where they clung tightly.

I was only partially aware of my next action, as I was now acting on pure instinct alone. The part of me that fought to stop myself was thoroughly gagged.

I slowly undid the first button. Then the second. I brushed the wet shirt open, exposing a fair amount of Bella’s shoulders and chest, but not everything. I bent down to kiss her; tracing a line across her damp and fragrant skin. Bolero continued to play in the background, urging me forward as the melody repeated itself yet again. Venom was filling my mouth so quickly that I didn’t dare kiss Bella on the lips. I swallowed compulsively.

A fierce gust of wind blew into the room, effectively snubbing out almost all of the candles. I didn’t care – I could still see everything I needed to - but the immediate loss of light startled an already tightly-wound Bella. She gasped and her hands quickly returned to my head, clutching me firmly.

Her reaction affected me in a very odd way. As I felt her body shudder beneath me, I had the sudden desire to try and provoke that same response again, only from my own actions. My disobedient hands slid from her shoulders, down along the outside of her arms and then back up the inside. Bella groaned quietly as my cold touch traced down either side of her torso, stopping hesitantly at her waist. I relished this reaction, but it wasn’t quite the one I was seeking.

The music was getting louder and faster, fueling the blaze that continued to build inside of me. I sat up again as my hands slid across Bella’s stomach to the bottom-most button of her blouse. I very gently unbuttoned the first one, allowing my fingers to slip under the satin and barely touch her velvet skin. Then I unbuttoned the second, simultaneously brushing the satin fabric up and away, exposing Bella’s heaving stomach. I stared at her, committing every last detail of her flawless form to my memory. Then I bent down and lightly kissed her above the navel.

Bella shuddered violently beneath me, struggling to call out my name. Yes, this is the reaction I was seeking. I swallowed back more venom before kissing her stomach again and tracing my fingers along either side of her torso. She was panting now, working vehemently to catch her breath. I knew I should probably stop, but I honestly couldn’t. I listened closely to her heart, promising myself that I’d hear it if she were really in danger. My own attempts at appeasing myself were half-hearted and weak, but the part of me in control believed them all.

The feeling of drowning was overwhelming now. Every action I made was instinct-driven and made completely unconsciously. I was and I wasn’t myself as my lips sought out every last inch of Bella’s exposed skin; my hands slid down from her waist and along her warm hips. My senses were all started to meld into one; particularly smell, taste and touch. It was like I could taste and feel her completely addicting scent that kept getting stronger and stronger, single-handedly dictating every move I made.

I was acting quickly and deliberately towards a single goal. My lips were swiftly worked along the waistband of her shorts; my hands that had run down along the sides of her legs to her knees drifted back up, only this time they did not trace over the top of the flimsy satin. Both hands were instantly under the fabric, gently gliding up the outside of her hips, spurred on by the repeated quivers that racked her body.

My fingers reached the waistband of her shorts from the inside, and they delicately clinched the thin fabric to guide it back down with them. I was vaguely aware of my rebellious hands’ actions, but I was completely powerless to stop them as Bella’s scent and taste flooded my other senses to the point of overload. I too was practically gasping for breath now, but each gasp inadvertently made me even more lust-driven.

“Edward.” Her voice was very low and almost inaudible, even to me. The part of my brain that responded to hearing was completely blocked by the influx of my other heightened senses.

“Edward,” she repeated again, a touch louder. I still did not acknowledge her; continuing to pull at her outfit while my mouth worked hungrily back up her abdomen.

Her fingers, already wound in my hair, began to gently tug at me, urging me to lift my head. It took more then a minute for her actions to get through to me. Finally, I was able to pull my lips away from her alluring skin and lift my head ever so slightly as I felt her body shudder. This shudder was different then the one I had provoked earlier. Bella’s teeth were actually chattering.

“Edward, I’m freezing!”

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