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Chapter 14 - Wagner

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1 Chapter 14 - Wagner on Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:01 pm


Chapter 14

Instead of allowing another bed to wind up cold and damp, I carried her back into the bathroom, once again turning on the heat lamp.

Bella smiled smugly as I gently placed her onto her feet. She was still sharing the single robe with me. “Another shower?”

I silenced her with a very deliberately chaste kiss, attempting to cool down her rising body heat that radiated against me.

“I thought you were craving a dry bed to rest in.”

“That does sound good,” she purred, lacing her fingers together around my neck and pulling my lips back towards hers. My knees started to buckle as she began to suck on my lower lip. “But this is nice too.”

A very strong sense of deja-vu muddled my mind as I realized that if we continued down this path, in this room, we were never going to make it back to the bed. I reluctantly pulled away from her and reached over her head for a plush towel. “Let’s properly dry you off, silly girl, so you can enjoy that warm bed.”

Bella began to pout in the most adorable way as I spun her around to face the wall. I began working the towel against her long, damp locks.

“Edward, I’m capable of drying my own hair.”

I chuckled. “True, but not today. It’s my job now, love.” Helping her with such a delicate task created another kind of warming through my body. I loved her long hair, and I would never decline any chance to groom my dear bride. Bella sighed unhappily, but allowed me to continue.

As I finished with her hair, I grabbed a second towel and began to work on her shoulders. I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from bending down and following the towel, wanting desperately to trace her fair skin with my tongue. As tormenting of an activity as this was starting to become, I knew it would be well worth the sacrifice once we retired to the bed.

Despite my most valiant of actions, Bella began to twitch in protest as I worked lower.

“Honestly Edward, is this really necessary? I’m not a helpless child.”

I could hear the impatience in her words, which relit another fire inside of me. Strangely, she wasn’t enjoying being pampered like this. I couldn’t help but tease her in retaliation, mostly because I had absolutely no plans to change my ways – Bella had better get used to getting cosseted.

“Of course it’s necessary.” I whipped her around to face me, now more determined than ever to rid her of every last water drop. “Do you think you can stop me?”

I felt Bella dig in her heels, protesting my challenge. “Watch me.”

“I don’t think so.” I swiftly wrapped the towel around her arms, preventing her from attempting any disobedient acts.

She grumbled as she fought to release herself. “Edward, you can’t always be calling the shots.”

“Mrs. Cullen, it is my duty to make sure you’re fully taken care of.” I tried to hide my snicker, knowing she would likely retaliate to such a statement. I wondered if the implied double-meaning of my words would go unnoticed as well.

Bella scoffed openly, noticing only part of my statement. “Mrs. Cullen? You’re jumping the gun, Edward.”

“You mean Mr. Cullen?”

“Ugh, you’re ruining the mood.” The pout was back.

As much fun as it was to watch her get worked up, there was no way I was about to spoil the mood of such an amazing getaway together. I tried out my line from earlier to see if I could soften her up a little and allow me to pamper her the way she truly deserved.

“I’m sorry Bella. I just want to take care of you; show you how much I love you.” I released the binding towel and laid it gently across her shoulders before pulling her into me. I felt her tense muscles relax in capitulation as she rested her head against my body and snaked her freed arms around me.

She kept her head against my chest for a moment, stroking my back lightly before responding.

“How about you let me be in charge?”

Apparently she wasn’t surrendering quite like I thought she would. I pulled away so I could look down at her face, hoping to figure out her bizarre request; all I saw in her eyes though was that same trust I had seen before. This time however, she did not look vulnerable. She looked very sure of herself as she studied my expression in return. Her eyes left mine briefly, drifting down for a second and focusing on my mouth.

“Trust me,” she murmured before kissing me tenderly. Bella kept her lips against mine as she continued. “Let me show you how much I care about you too.”

I kissed her softly once, then pulled away, giving into her request and letting her dictate what would happen next. Bella slowly pushed me backwards out of the bathroom, stopping every few feet to reach up and brush her lips against mine. She had moved her hands from my back and was now holding both of my arms firmly against my sides, preventing me from touching her or pulling her closer. Each barely-there kiss was causing every nerve in my body to ache. I wanted to touch her so badly.

Very gradually she moved me towards the bed. When I felt the mattress pressing against the back of my legs, I started to sit down. Bella continued to push me backwards, encouraging me to climb further back on the bed. She released my arms, but gave me a very stern warning.

“Remember, I’m in charge.” I had no argument whatsoever.

Once she had guided me to the middle of the bed, she leaned in to kiss me, this time tracing my lips with her tongue. I groaned, gripping the sheets beneath me in an attempt to not reach out and pull her more firmly against me. A million different responses to her teasing flitted through my head, but I tried desperately not to act on any of them.

“I miss the music,” she breathed. As she caressed the side of my face with one hand, I fought the urge to grab her around the waist and roll her over so I could more effectively return her advances.

“Do you want me to fix that?” I murmured against her.

She pulled back slightly. “Yes.”

I removed myself hesitantly from her embrace, not wanting to be apart from her for even a second. But remembering her response to all of the other songs earlier…I quickly decided it was well worth a second away. Plus, as tormenting as I suspected it might be, I secretly liked this new side of Bella. I raced over to the entertainment center, threw in a new CD, and was back on the bed and in my prior position before the music began.

Bella’s eyes grew wide as she listened to this new song. I answered her silent question.

“Wagner. Tristan und Isolde.”

“Beautiful,” she noted as she leaned over to push me down onto my back, simultaneously straddling me. Bella had taken the towel off her shoulders and haphazardly wrapped it around her torso, and I couldn’t help but notice that it was very close to coming undone. I swallowed back more venom at the alluring sight of her above me. She took my wrists in her hands and lifted them over my head so that she was theoretically pinning me down.


She may have been referring to the music before, but I was referring to the view of her above me.

“Don’t move your arms, even if I let go,” she threatened provocatively before she leaned down to suck on my earlobe.

I moaned as her enthralling scent assaulted me by her close proximity. With one small flick of her tongue, I was on fire again, my entire being scorched to new highs simply because I wasn’t allowed to touch her. How ironic that after berating myself for letting my own self-control slip, I was now at her mercy and utterly out of control as she took charge.

Bella’s lips worked steadily against my neck, almost in time to the music that filled the room. Her hands irresolutely released their grip on my wrists, sliding down along the lengths of my bare arms, which began to quiver in delight.

“Now it’s my turn to prove my love to you, my betrothed,” she uttered along my jaw. I reached up and gripped the headboard to keep myself from breaking my promise not to reciprocate her actions.

Bella’s mouth worked hungrily against my icy skin; the heat of her breath and the warmth of her tongue seemingly trying to instill their heat into me with their constant caresses. I groaned despite myself as her tracing fingers tickled the sensitive skin along my sides. I was being inundated by three forces again: her touch, the arousing music, and her stimulating scent.

I worked desperately to maintain my promise of not touching her as she continued to kiss me. When she raked her teeth along my collarbone I almost snapped the headboard in two. Her earlier statement about me having her shackled to the bed now seemed like a mockery, and I wondered if she had planned this reversal of roles much earlier in the evening.

After an excruciatingly extensive amount of time in which I could do nothing but clench my jaw in delight and gasp at her tormenting touch, she finally worked her way up to my mouth and allowed me to kiss her back. My hands were perilously close to releasing their hold on the headboard and pulling her closer so I could return the pent-up desires that were raging inside of me, but I obeyed her wishes, no matter how agonizing that request had become.

Our kiss became quite heady - this time it was Bella who moaned as I traced her lips with my tongue and adjusted my position on the bed to give me more leverage. My body was completely burning, but there didn’t seem to be any way to extinguish the flames that consumed me. Bella’s own body heat, which was thoroughly encompassing me as she stretched herself along my body, did nothing to help the internal blaze, particularly when the disobedient towel finally fell open and threatened to slide off of her shoulders. I was almost at my breaking point; I would either need to release my hold on the headboard or we’d have to stop. I cringed at that thought.

“Bella,” I uttered passionately against her lips. She responded by pressing herself even more tightly against me. I heard the headboard splinter.

“I can’t take it…” I not only couldn’t take the torture of not touching her, but I was also unable to finish my sentence. I released my grip on the headboard and acted immediately on my earlier thought. Reaching up to cup her face with one hand, I wrapped my other around her bare back, rolling her over so that I was now on top and back in control.

It took several minutes before Bella noticed my rebellion against her rules. She broke away from my embrace and narrowed her eyes.

“You don’t play fair,” she breathed seductively before running a finger along my side, causing me to shiver.

I buried my face against her neck, fighting to contain myself. “You have no idea what you do to me.” Taking a deep breath, I was forced to combat the sudden rush of vertigo from her bewitching scent. I begged her to give me some release.

“Bella, we have to stop right now, or we throw all of the boundaries out the window.” I brought my head up slowly to read her expression. Giving her such an ultimatum was terribly unfair if she was feeling like I was at that moment, but I didn’t know what else to do. I watched her eyes closely for a decision.

She was staring at the ceiling and breathing heavily. Finally she glanced over at me apprehensively.

“I know.” She closed her eyes as she said the words, and I leaned down to kiss each perfect eyelid. “We should stop.”

I rolled over onto my back next to her, trying to settle myself down before responding. Although I had correctly anticipated her response, my body continued to revolt against the decision. We both laid there, eyes closed, slowing our fevered breathing.

Finally I felt composed enough to reply.

“You’re taking a big gamble if you expect me to stay in control when you do things like that to me.” I struggled to keep my tone light.

Bella chuckled softly. “I thought you were the master of control.”

“It gets harder every minute with you.” I turned to gaze at her, not realizing what the sight would do to me. Just as I was starting to regain control, I felt it slipping away again. I had to act fast if I had any hopes of obeying her wishes.

Reaching over her, I grabbed the edge of the comforter and pulled it around to cover her immaculate body. Then I pulled her to my chest.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered against me. I sighed as I stroked her hair.

“No, I’m sorry. I should have stopped this hours ago.”

Bella pulled away from me so she could meet my gaze. “I don’t have any regrets. I hope you don’t either. Last night and this morning were absolutely perfect. Let’s not ruin it with unnecessary apologies.”

I could agree to that. “I love you so much.” I allowed myself one last soft kiss, fighting to keep it as innocent as possible. “You have got to be tired by now.”

She smiled against my lips. “Maybe a little.”

I tucked her head under my chin, cradling her to me. “Sleep, love. Dream of me.”

Bella sighed contently, wrapping her arms around me. “I love you Edward.” Seconds later, she was falling asleep.

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