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Chapter 21 - Lizst Pt.2

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1 Chapter 21 - Lizst Pt.2 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:04 pm


My earlier, lust-driven thoughts morphed the moment we fell upon the bed.

Although the desire to ravish Bella's body remained painfully present within my being, something else, something much more important, began to eclipse my carnal cravings. At once, my vampiric senses were exceptionally attuned to stimulus other than the usual draw of Bella's scent or the frantic beating of her heart. Although my attention remained focused on the striking creature below me, I couldn't help but notice other equally gratifying details of our time and place.

First, I became acutely aware of the subtle radiance of the nautical lamps permeating the stateroom, basking it in an otherworldly glow. I watched in awe as the light refracted across Bella's body as she slowly sank into the luxuriously soft bed. Then I noticed it flickering in her stunning eyes as she looked up to appraise me lovingly. Never before had she looked more beautiful than she did in that moment.

Next, my conscious returned to the classical music that shrouded the room. Liszt's overture was still playing, but the Inferno movement had concluded. As the first notes of the more serene Purgatorio movement began, I remembered Bella's earlier comment about being in a dream world, and I couldn't help but wonder if, indeed, we actually were. The sweet, dulcet melody of the oboe conjured up images of paradise in my mind, a place where Bella and I could be together, alone, free of distractions, worries and heartache. A place where we could lose ourselves, throw caution to the wind, and where I could show Bella the full extent of my love without harming her. Suddenly, I had the overwhelming urge to crush my lips to hers as a flood of emotion began to reignite my yearning for her body.

"Bella, I need you," I murmured huskily, repeating her same sentiments from earlier. Though I had no doubt she knew of my burning desire to be with her, I reiterated it again, regardless. "I want you. Now. I want you more than you could possibly imagine." Taking a deep breath, my arms trembled in eagerness. "I don't know if I can stop."

She bit her lip delicately, gazing deeply into my eyes. "I trust you."

Groaning, I reached to entwine my fingers with hers, bringing her hand up near her head. "But can you trust me right now? I'm barely hanging on by a thread..."

Bella took her free hand and reached up to run her fingers through my hair, shushing me quietly. Closing my eyes, I started to lose myself in the amazing sensation of her placid caress.

"Edward, look at me."

I reluctantly complied, slowly opening my eyes to find hers alit with unadulterated longing. "We can do this. Do you trust me?"

Although her gaze left me doubtful of her words, I nodded once.

She tenderly snaked her hand around the back of my head and began to pull me downward. Just as my lips brushed hers, she whispered once more.

"I'm not about to let Alice win."

Before the grin could spread across my face, her mouth was upon mine, kissing me softly, hesitantly, completely the opposite of my own visualization from earlier.

Then it all registered in my one-track mind; this was her way of keeping things from spiraling out of control. You can do this, I told myself over and over. But let her lead.

The hormonal, inveterate Bella that I had grown accustomed to was gone. Although she certainly seemed more than happy to be kissing me, she moved almost lazily, her lips slowly working against mine, but her mouth remained chastely closed. Her indolent actions had a soothing affect on my libidinous urges, encouraging the clenched muscles throughout my body to relax, and helping me to just exist in the moment, relishing every sensation that washed over me. During my musings, Bella had begun placing languid butterfly kisses down my jaw, her fingertips returning to nest in my hair, while her other hand remained up near the side of her head, repeatedly squeezing mine in silent assurance. I inhaled deeply, savoring her ever-present floral scent, and allowing the dull ache of my throat to subside as I focused on more important things - namely, the euphoria of just being with her, alone, and so absolutely in love.

When Bella's trail of sweet kisses reached my ear, she uttered a quiet sigh. "Can we stay in this moment forever?"

I rolled onto my side, releasing my hold on her hand and pulling her around to match my position. "We can do anything you want, love."

"I just feel so...safe right now." She glanced upwards to the ceiling, her eyes studying the wooden beams above us. "This boat is...so..." Bella sighed and looked back at me, a frown forming on her forehead as she struggled to find the right words. I waited patiently for her to continue. "It just all feels so right, Edward. I'm sure this sounds silly to you, but it's like I was meant to be here. Everything fits together - the boat is so comfortable, so welcoming, so you..." Her cheeks flushed and she tucked her chin down in awkwardness.

My lip actually trembled as I trailed a finger up her side and to her face, forcing her dejected chin back up so I could instill my feelings through our mutual gaze. A wave of emotion swept through every cell of my body at the realization that she would be tied to me in every way possible merely days from now. How was I so blessed to find such an amazing creature? Swallowing thickly, I finally found my voice.

"Bella, you, and you alone have convinced me that heaven can truly exist. We're here, love. Together. That's why it feels so right."

Her eyes moistened, and I quickly grasped her head in my hands, pulling her forward so I could kiss away the tears before they escaped. "No, no...don't cry. Please don't cry."

"But I'm so happy." She pulled away to meet my stare. "Edward, I just can't describe this feeling right now."

I shushed her and tucked her head against my shoulder, rocking her in time with the movement of the ketch. "I know. Really, I do. I feel exactly the same way."

"Can we just stay here, on the boat, just the two of us? I never want to leave. I like the constant state of motion, and the smell of the sea in the air, and the sound of the water outside. Please, Edward?"

All at once, the vision from before of holding her hostage willingly, of course, came flooding back. After all, she had just proclaimed her desire for such an event to occur. Did I dare suggest it outright? My brain shifted into overdrive as it plotted out the minute details of such a ploy - many of our remaining wedding-related tasks could be performed within the walls of the Isabella Marie. I had my cell phone and a laptop onboard for communication with the outside world, as well as for securing necessary supplies. Any family member could deliver her dress and my suit, and it wasn't too late to change our honeymoon plans. I was more than capable of sailing the ketch down the western seaboard and through the Panama Canal to Isle Esme if we readjusted our timeline. Or, we could just remain on the boat, voyaging whimsically along the coast. The details were falling quickly into place. My belief in fate was growing by the second as everything came together easily.

And then my phone began to vibrate.

Bella held her breath, watching my reaction closely. I gave her a knowing look before rolling my eyes. There was only one person who could possibly be calling me at such an inopportune moment. Alice.

I removed my phone from my front pocket.

"What do you want?" I tried to control the irritation in my tone for Bella's sake, knowing full well that Alice would still get the message.

"Don't you dare, Edward Cullen!" She must have seen a vision of my hostage plan. "I'm not the only one who will try and stop you - Esme, Renee, Charlie....you'll hurt them all if you go through with it!"

I chuckled evilly. "I really don't think Charlie would mind as much as you."

Bella's eyes widened at the mention of her father's name. I shook my head, silently asking her to wait for my pending explanation.

"Ha! Then you make the call and tell him that his daughter has decided she'd rather spend her remaining nights as a Swan shacked up with you on that boat!"

My brow knitted in frustration. "Fine," I growled. "Now leave us alone." I ended the call and shoved the phone roughly back in my pocket.

"Charlie? What was that about?" Bella questioned, her tone riddled with bafflement.

"Nothing. Alice and her crazy visions again."

My casual dismissal wasn't working. She leaned back, giving me a stern look. "Edward, we weren't doing anything this time. Literally. Why would she call and bring up Charlie?"

I focused on the far wall as I debated how best to tell her about my little daydream that could so easily become reality. Our shared reality. My body began to ache as I realized that the plan would ensure absolutely no separation before our vows. I would never have to be apart from her again.

"Edward?" Bella's tone was rapidly migrating from questioning to demanding.

"Alice just saw a vision of something I was contemplating, but don't worry...it won't come true. She effectively guaranteed that when she told me I'd have to explain it to Charlie."

Bella's brow furrowed again in confusion. I reached over to pull her next to me, turning her so that my body spooned hers before continuing. "After you said you wanted to stay on the boat, I was thinking of a way for that request to come true. Alice wasn't too happy when she saw us cohabitating prior to our nuptials."

"Hmm. That was enough to solicit a call from her?"

I pressed my lips into her hair. "Well, it wasn't merely the cohabitation that had her all worked up. I had figured out a way for us to stay on the boat itself until the afternoon of the wedding." Pausing, I let the unspoken meaning of my words sink in before I bent over to kiss her once on the cheek. "She promised that Charlie wouldn't be too pleased with you forfeiting your remaining days and nights living under his roof."

She remained still for a moment prior to answering. "I suppose she's right - I can't do that to him." My dear Bella, always thinking of everyone else before herself. "But, if it weren't for that...I would have been in complete favor of your plan."

I leaned over further, gaping at my scandalous bride.

"You would?"

Her eyes danced with mischief. "I've actually been thinking about that for awhile now..."

Grabbing her waist, I rolled onto my back, pulling her with me until she lay atop my chest. I reached up and kissed her vigorously on the corner of her mouth.

"I must admit, love, that I initially considered holding you hostage." My lips mimicked her earlier action, tracing a line of feathery kisses along her lower cheek towards her tantalizing earlobe.

Bella purred aloud as her hands grasped my shoulders tightly. "Really? Hostage aboard the boat?" She sounded more excited than worried.

"Not exactly," I admitted, my kisses becoming more and more urgent as I reached her earlobe and took it into my mouth. "I planned to hold you hostage on this bed until the wedding."

Pressing her entire length against my body, she gasped in delight as I ran my tongue along the back of her lobe and began to suck on the sensitive skin behind it. Her warm hands had left my shoulders and were sliding down my sides, causing me to moan in pleasure.

"I have no qualms about that," she elucidated, shifting her weight and placing both knees on either side of my legs. "I will gladly be your prisoner in any capacity you choose."

My body erupted upon hearing her submissive suggestion, and before I could think through my actions, I had flung us around so that she was once again nestled amongst the plush pillows and blankets. I buried my face in the crook of her neck, feverishly kissing every inch of her skin while my hands raced upwards from their prior hold on her hips. Her body suddenly seemed to be on fire; the waves of heat washing over me at a stunning rate, and inevitably fueling my own internal conflagration that had somehow taken on a life of it's own.

Bella's hands met mine mid-torso, and for a second, I thought she was halting my actions when her fingers laced with mine. Pulling away from her neck, I sought out her eyes for an indication as to what she was thinking. Was I hurting her? Was she joking earlier when she had suggested she'd actually enjoy being my prisoner?

Before I could ask, she crushed her lips to mine, opening her mouth in an obvious demonstration of her desire. I gleefully caved to her wishes, tracing her lips with my tongue and savoring her intoxicating taste.

Slowly, our linked hands began to move as she guided them upwards along her ribs. A heady growl escaped my throat when I realized their intended destination, and I suddenly found myself completely besotted with an influx of enticing sensations. The alluring scent of Bella's skin permeated the air around us, producing a sudden, exhilarated feeling of vertigo. Liszt's symphony was nearing its end as the concluding Magnificant movement flooded our stateroom, the choral melodies beseeching both of our subsequent actions - her hands, my mouth. The room began to spin increasingly faster as my fingers drifted higher and higher. Bella let out a low moan, the vibrations transmitting through her lips and onto mine before racing down the entire length of my body.

Then my phone began to ring. Not again. Not now.

Bella stopped our hands just short of their destination. I groaned loudly in protest, my mouth still covering hers.

Reluctantly, I broke away from our sweet embrace yet remained in my current position, hovering above her as I detangled my fingers from hers before pulling out the offending, vibrating device.

"Someone better be dying, Alice." I spoke quietly enough so that Bella couldn't hear the unadulterated malice in my tone.

"Just helping you clear your head, dear brother, before you do something rash."

My lips started to peel back from my teeth as I hissed into the mouthpiece. "Leave us alone. And quit calling." Before I could hang up, I heard a male voice booming through the phone.

"Yo, Edward! Are you kids having a good time?" Emmett enunciated the last word, drawing it out in emphasis to his double-meaning. I glanced down at Bella who rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Yes Emmett, we're having a wonderful time," she chanted sweetly, then winked at me. He heard her clearly without the need for me to put the call on speaker. "Thanks for asking. I'm sure you're busy, so we should let you go..."

I smirked at my darling bride, terribly proud of her sarcastic response to my tactless brother. The urge to kiss her quickly became overwhelming again, driving me to lean down and capture her swollen lips with mine.

As I lifted my thumb to end the call, Emmett shouted loudly enough to make Bella cringe and break away from our embrace.

"So what exactly are you two doing that's got Alice's phone permanently affixed to her ear? If you're, uh, doing what I think you're doing, would you hurry up and get the deed done? I mean, don't get me wrong - it's been a blast getting updates on your sexcapades every hour. You guys are way more interesting than any hot and heavy soap opera or movie. But haven't you waited long enough? I mean, come on, Edward...aren't you ready to explode, man? I know when Rose and I..."

I forcibly snapped the phone shut and jammed it back into my pocket. The simmering hunger from earlier was rapidly translating to fury from the constant assault on our privacy - I was going to kill Emmett when I got home, possibly Alice too if she continued to interrupt us. I needed to be distracted quickly from this deplorable route before I lost my temper. As if reading my mind, Bella effortlessly halted the misdirected emotion.

"Where were we?" She reached up and cupped my face, forcing my gaze away from the headboard and back to her succulent body. Instantly, the anger dissipated, replaced by the firestorm of desire that raged solely for her.

I bent down and kissed the tip of her nose. "Hmm. Here, maybe?" Pulling away, I appraised her heavy-lidded eyes, then swooped down to nuzzle her throat. "Or here?"

Bella whimpered, her hands starting to slide from my chin, along my neck, then down my chest. I caught them with my own, lifting them up and over her head. "You said you had no qualms about being my prisoner, correct?"

Her breathing became quite labored. "Edward..." I kissed a trail up to her jaw as I answered.

"Yes, love?"

"Kiss me." I smiled against her alluring cheek before planting a virtuous, teasing kiss upon her chin. Bella squirmed, trying to free her bounded hands, a small growl creeping from her throat. "Please?"

My willpower shattered when she uttered that one irresistible word, and I immediately covered her mouth with mine, kissing her as deeply as I dared. As much as I wanted to release our hands from above her head, I knew that doing so would be the figurative death of us both. There would be no stopping any amorous activity once we allowed each other free reign.

But that didn't stop other parts of our bodies from reacting to the passionate doldrums that blanketed the room. Bella pushed her hips upward, her back arching higher with every beat of her frantic heart. One of her legs hitched up to wrap around mine, pulling me more tightly against her. The sensation of her searing heat against my frigid form instantaneously set off a devious idea in my head.

I need to feel more of her against me.

There were too many barriers. Even though I knew we'd be inviting disaster, irrevocably forfeiting our wager, I simply had to feel her skin against mine. There were way too many articles of clothing between us. They had to come off - now.

I released my grip with one hand and began to slide it down the length of her arm. Bella groaned in response to my icy touch, her body quaking as it strove continually to push against mine. Nearing her shoulder, I continued my path along her collarbone until my fingers traced the hollow of her throat. Then I slowly slid it down the middle of her chest to the hem of her blouse. Once again, she began to whimper, softly at first, until she realized my intentions.

Right as I started to raise her shirt, Bella's free hand flew to my back to mimic my own actions. She tugged at my shirt, trying desperately to pull it off with only one hand. Instead of finding her futile attempt humorous, I moaned in ecstasy and reached behind me to aid her efforts. The fabric ripped as I tore the shirt from my body and tossed it to the side, but neither of us stopped to inspect the damage; instead, my free hand returned to its prior position, working feverishly to remove her blouse just as quickly.

As I worked the offensive article of clothing to the top of her ribs, it happened again.

My cell phone began to vibrate.

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