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Chapter 24 - Shubert

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1 Chapter 24 - Shubert on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:25 pm


After falling down upon the stern bench, Bella straddled my lap, working her mouth hungrily against mine. One of my hands left her waist and rose to tangle in her hair, pulling her more forcefully down to me where I began to kiss her urgently, starved for her affections after our brief separation. I felt like I was touching her for the first time; that inexplicable thrill and excitement flaring brightly with every brush of our lips and every soft, deliberate caress. I had once wondered what it must feel like for her - if being human made the experience more or less acute than I was feeling. But her consistent, eager responses always satisfied my curiosity thoroughly - she was as negatively affected by the absences as I was. All the more reason to pledge to never be apart once we were legally married.

Despite our heated embrace, I was able to retain my bearings enough to know that we couldn't remain locked in one another's arms much longer. It wasn't the thought of Alice and the requisite phone calls that distracted me, or the reminder of certain family members vigorously betting their live-long fortunes on our more intimate moments - rather, it was the unmanned wheel behind Bella. Although the prevailing winds were light, when coupled with the swirling currents of the water beneath us, the ketch would inevitably drift - possibly into a hazard.

Reluctantly, I leaned back, simultaneously pushing Bella backwards as well, away from me. She sighed softly as our mouths drifted apart, her eyes still closed. I watched her closely as she sat atop me and licked her lips once, then slowly opened her beautiful, chocolate eyes.

"That was nice," she murmured, gazing adoringly at me.

"Almost too nice to stop." A smile crept across my face as I basked in her warmth. "But someone needs to helm the boat."

She closed her eyes again before nodding in concurrence. "Thought so."

I bent forward to kiss her once more, my lips hovering upon hers, savoring every second until I knew I had to pull away.

"We're just an hour or so from San Juan Island. Then I can return my full attention to you, love."

I rocked us forward to a standing position, setting Bella gently down on her feet. Though the kiss was most definitely heavenly, it wasn't quite enough to render my bride's ability to stand on her own power. I slowly pivoted her around until she faced away from me, then I leaned down to press my lips to her ear.

"Why don't you make yourself some lunch," I whispered before nuzzling her tantalizing earlobe. So soft.

She let out a little moan and leaned back into my chest. "Don't be gone too long," she uttered.

"You'll know where to find me. I'll get us to our destination as quickly as possible."

Breaking away, I gave her a gentle push forward, encouraging her to head below. Bella complied, moving cautiously across the damp deck to the stairs.

After watching her descend, I turned back to the wheel, righting our heading and visually rechecking all of the sails and lines. By my calculations, we should be entering Griffin Bay in approximately an hour, at which time we'd anchor, and spend the remainder of the afternoon and evening, together. And with nothing better to do than entertain ourselves.

A little over an hour later I skipped down the stairs, terribly anxious to be near Bella again. It was mid-afternoon, and we were safely anchored on the east side of San Juan Island, nestled within the breathtaking Griffin Bay. All mandatory work done, I was now able to devote every waking minute to my fiancée, and savor the last, carefree hours together before our impending nuptials and family obligations overtook our time.

The main salon and galley were empty; Bella must be back in our stateroom, I deduced, noting the closed door. Giving her privacy, I moved to the stereo, resetting the CD player before taking a seat on the settee.

A few moments later, Bella stepped out. Instantly, she captivated my full attention as she stood in the doorway - her hair was loosely pulled back in a ponytail, yet a few, stray strands framed her exquisite face. She was still dressed in the khaki shorts and sleeveless blouse, her hands clasped casually together near her waist as she studied me with the same intensity.

"Bella." I held out my hand, urging her to join me on the soft bench. She moved slowly, gracefully crossing the ship until she was able to slip her delicate hand in mine. Standing in front of me for a moment, she continued to stare into my eyes, seemingly searching for some unspoken answer. I feared I might be unknowingly dazzling her again, so I glanced down, focusing on the lines of her graceful neck for a second, waiting for her to speak.

She swallowed, and I watched in fascination as her throat muscles contracted twice before a slight tremble raced through her entire body, causing her skin to twitch. Finally, I heard her take in a deep breath.

"So we're anchored for the night?"

I let my eyes drift up to hers slowly, still marveling at the subtle movements of her skin. "Yes, love." The corners of my mouth curved upwards, forming a grin. "I'm all yours."

Bella's eyes grew wider, her jaw opening slightly. "Yes, but..." Despite her inability to finish her thought, I knew exactly what she meant.

"We'll have a certain someone watching, no doubt."

In unison, we both sighed loudly. Bella snorted in disgust as I rolled my eyes, both of us less than pleased to know that our privacy was never truly private.

"Please, have a seat." I reluctantly released her hand as she moved to sit, scooting backwards away from me to lean against the far side of the bench, stretching her legs out in front of her. Although I wasn't pleased with the space between us, I understood her motivation for sitting in such a way. It would no doubt be a long afternoon, and physical distance was our safest resort, for as long as we could stand to maintain it.

A prolonged silence fell between us; not necessarily uncomfortable, but rather it seemed that we were both focusing intently on harmless, non-arduous topics to discuss. That and fighting back the irresistible urge to touch again.

"Did you finish your book?" I asked.

Bella tried to hold back a smile. "Not exactly. I just skipped around, reading the good parts again." Recalling the storyline, I could guess with a fair amount of certainty what chapters she had been reacquainting herself with.

I watched her lazily slide her bare feet back and forth on the seat. It was astoundingly erotic, and gave me an idea. Bending down, I untied my shoelaces and removed my socks before lifting my legs up, mimicking her posture on the bench.


"Yes, quite. Thank you," I replied, smirking at her sarcastic tone. I rubbed my foot along the back cushion, stretching my leg out towards hers. "There is definitely something to be said about being barefoot."

She nodded in agreement, watching my actions with great interest. The soft texture of the plush fabric felt oddly pleasing against my toes. Though I didn't expect it to feel bad, I was pleasantly surprised at the tickling sensation. I could easily see why Bella chose to wander the ketch without shoes or socks.

We both sat quietly, watching our lower extremities skim across the seat, slowly making their way towards each other. After several seconds, I felt Bella's warm foot reach mine. She lifted it, tracing her heel along the top of mine, causing me to shiver in delight.

"Why is it, do you think, that feet are so sensitive to touch?" she mused, her brow furrowed in concentration as she continued to rub her foot against mine. "I mean, wouldn't you think that after carrying your body's entire weight, walking and running, climbing, stepping, that they'd be more immune?"

I thought through her words before answering. "Yes, and no." My eyes fluttered shut for a moment as Bella's other foot found mine. The heat from her touch was incredible. "Although the soles of our feet may be calloused and less-sensitive to certain textures, such as rocks, pavement and carpeting, they could still be sensitive to temperature changes and other, less common sensations..." I trailed off as she slid her toe along the arch of my foot.

"Does that feel good?"

I swallowed stiffly before answering. "Yes, very much so."

As my eyes eventually opened to watch her delicate feet stroke mine, I realized no one had ever touched me in such a way. When I was human, it was highly inappropriate to go barefoot, even in one's own home. As a vampire, though I could easily hunt and run without shoes and with no fear of injuring myself, it was too easy to forget about that uncovered bit of flesh when out in the sunlight. Therefore, it was in our best interest to form the habit of always wearing something, especially out of the house. But now, in the sanctity of my ketch and with only Bella present, I could partake in more simple pleasures such as this. The thought made me extremely giddy as I allowed myself to thoroughly relish these new experiences.

Suddenly, I felt Bella's weight shift. "Edward," she called softly. I looked up to see her sitting forward, her hands planted down on either side of her hips, like she was about to stand up. "Do you want a foot massage?"

My jaw dropped in surprise. "Really?"

Bella rolled her eyes as she pushed herself up to her knees. My bad habits were starting to rub off on her, but it made me secretly proud. Shifting her position, she reached down to lift my right foot into her lap. "Haven't you ever had one before?"

"No." Nor had I ever wanted one - until now. I fought back a wide smile, anticipating her warm hands massaging my cold, hard feet, and how glorious it would feel. But would it be as enjoyable for her? I had to ask.

"Bella, you don't have to do this."

She grinned as she cupped my foot in her petite hands. "Don't be silly. I want to do this. I loved the look on your face before - and I want to see it again." She shifted her weight once more, sliding her legs out from underneath her and to the side. "Close your eyes, and just relax. Please?"

Unable to say no, I simply nodded, still smiling as I heeded her command and let my eyes fall shut. I reclined a bit further on the settee, resting my arms above my head and relaxing my muscles so she could more easily move my foot at will.

As Bella's hands began to slide gently down the top of my foot, I became aware of how well the music complimented her touch. The cascading arpeggios of Schubert's Impromptu sang throughout the room, my mind mentally playing along with the piece. As Bella worked her thumb against my arch, I began to hum - not just with the music, but in reaction to her sensuous touch and the waves of pleasure it sent up my legs and through my torso. The lingering tendrils of stress seemed to dissipate with each caress of her hand. I had thought the sensation of her foot against mine had been magnificent, but I was sorely mistaken in thinking that it couldn't be outdone. Her fragile fingertips seemed to know exactly what areas to stroke, and which to knead. For a second I feared that she would find my hardened skin too difficult to effectively massage, but every one of her actions felt perfectly delightful.

After working thoroughly on every surface of my foot, she traced her fingertips upward to my ankle, still rubbing my cold skin delicately. I opened one eye and peered down at her curiously when I felt her start to slide the hem of my chinos up near my calf.


"Edward, I told you to close your eyes," she chided, catching me peeking.

I huffed once before closing them again. "I thought this was just a foot massage."

"It is. But your calf felt neglected." I could hear the smile in her playful tone.

"Just remember, we're supposed to be..."

She shushed me impatiently. "Quiet. Just relax."

I took a deep breath, relishing her floral scent that engulfed the room, and stayed silent at her request because honestly, I didn't want her to stop. The feeling of her hands tracing up and down my lower leg was quite erotic, and I inadvertently found myself humming in contentment once again.

Bella wisely stopped her massage just below my knee, sliding her hands out from under my pant legs to move to my other foot. Immediately, the sensations of her fingers against the bottom made me hiss in pleasure.

"Did that hurt?"

Snorting loudly, I fought to keep my eyes closed. "Not at all. The complete opposite."

Bella chuckled softly and shifted her weight again. But then, I sensed something entirely new and painfully tantalizing. Was that her breath against my foot?

Before I could react, I felt her lips press onto the top of my foot. The kiss sent a raging jolt of electricity straight up through my spine, causing me to gasp in utter shock. Thankfully, I was mindful enough to fight the instinctual urge to jerk my leg away, inevitably injuring my bride if I were to hit her jaw.

"Did that?" she inquired softly. Was she asking me if that hurt? I debated whether to tell her that the feeling of her mouth on any inch of my skin made my body scorch with desire and lust. It made me want to leap up from the settee, capture her in my arms, and bury my face in the crook of her neck, devouring every inch of her mouth-watering skin. But instead, I gave her a more suitable response.

"Bella, nothing you can do will hurt me."

She sighed in frustration, and I invariably opened my eyes a crack to better read her expression. "But did you like it?" she asked meekly, peering up at me from beneath her long lashes. I gulped back a pool of venom, suddenly feeling dangerously licentious.

I nodded once, biting the inside of my lip to keep myself still and in control.

"Edward." Still watching me from beneath those luscious lashes, she bent down, grazing her lips on the top of my foot again. "I love you." She kissed me again while tracing her fingers up past my ankle and under the hem of my pants.

I reached down to grip the frame of the settee, commanding my body to stay still and not bolt up as she began to massage my lower leg, but it just felt so good. The warmth of her touch along with her delectable scent wafting up to my nose was driving me insane, and it was all I could do not to reciprocate her assiduous actions. I lasted just a few minutes more, then I simply had to touch her - but instead of bending over and pulling her elfin form over the bench and into my lap, I cautiously pulled my leg away, rose to my knees and captured her hands with mine, smiling wickedly.

"My turn."

Bella's eyes grew wide as the corners of her scrumptious mouth drifted upwards into the hint of a grin. She nodded once, staring intently into my eyes as I slowly urged her to slide backwards against the far cushion. Gently, I released her from my grip and slid my hands down either side of her hips, guiding her feet forward. They were so incredibly warm and soft in my cool palms, that I could almost imagine her heat flowing upward through my veins, and permeating my entire body.

As I tenderly placed both of her feet in my lap, Bella settled herself into a more comfortable position, leaning back on her elbows and watching me inquisitively.

"Don't you trust me?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow suggestively.

She grinned widely, tossing her hair once over her shoulder. "Of course I do. I'm just pleasantly surprised."


"Yes, I thought we were supposed to be...good."

I studied her for a second, pushing down all of the devilish thoughts creeping into my head whenever I let my eyes glance down at her bare legs. "I will be. Now relax. Close your eyes," I directed, mimicking her earlier order.

Bella complied, still smirking as she continued to lean back on her elbows. Very gently, I ran my thumbs down along the arch of her feet, watching her face closely for any sign that I was using too much pressure. As her lips parted and she let out a quiet groan, I smiled inwardly, superbly pleased with finding another way I could make her feel as good as she did to me. I pressed harder, repeating the action as my fingers trailed down to her heels and back up to the base of her toes. This time I was rewarded with the sight of Bella licking her lips, eyes still closed. Never would I have guessed that foot massages could be so scandalously enjoyable.

I worked on her feet for quite some time, matching my movements with the congenial notes of the Impromptu, feeling my mouth fill with venom every time she sighed or let a quiet moan slip from her tempting lips. She slowly sank down further into the cushions as her muscles continually relaxed until she was nearly flat on her back, eyes still closed.

That was my cue to move to her ankles, rubbing circles with my thumbs while my fingers lightly traced her Achilles heel, then drifted slowly up along her delicate calves. Unconsciously, I found myself bending down further, my knees sliding backwards as I lowered my face until it was flush with her legs. I breathed in deeply, savoring the floral scent that engulfed my sensitive nose and mouth. Warm blood that surged throughout her extremities called to me ceaselessly, beseeching my lips to part slightly, drinking in the air around her. They hovered just inches from her silky skin, and I struggled not to run them from the tips of her toes all the way up to her hips. Behave.

Instead, I allowed only my hands and fingertips this luxury, creeping painstakingly slow up to her kneecaps, as my internal torment to give into my carnal desires grew with every passing second. Bella's entire body shuddered when my fingers traced underneath her knees, temporarily pulling me out of my covetousness haze.

"Too cold?" I whispered quietly.

She kept her eyes closed, but shook her head vigorously. "Not at all, Edward." Pausing, she held her breath as another shiver wracked her body. "I'm actually feeling very warm right now." A hint of a blush crept across her cheeks.

I frowned, somewhat confused by her response, even after I detected her body temperature rising slightly. Shouldn't my touch have the opposite affect? As if reading my mind, Bella answered the unspoken question.

"It tickles, but it doesn't. It's like getting shocked...only, the electricity doesn't hurt," she tried to explain as her brow began to crease in frustration over finding the right words. I couldn't stand to see such a look on her face, especially one that was so entirely unnecessary.

"Shhh." I hushed, bending back down to rest my chin upon her knees. "It feels that way to me too, love." Instantly, the crease disappeared, replaced by a smooth brow and a contented grin. Oh Bella, what I wouldn't do to keep that look on your face for eternity.

I tilted my chin down, pressing my lips to her flushed skin. She gasped in surprise and I started to pull away, fearful that she wanted me to stop. But then I felt her fingers tangle in my hair, forcing my head to remain so tantalizingly close to her succulent legs. Before I could think through my actions, I kissed her other knee while my hands traced up the outsides of her bare legs. Bella let out a diminutive whimper as I heard her heart rate increase. Suddenly, she uttered two, resolve-breaking words.

"Don't stop."

A low growl escaped my lips. To hell with the wager back home.

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