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Chapter 26 - Grieg

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1 Chapter 26 - Grieg on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:27 pm


A preposterously loud clap of thunder startled me from my appetent state; I had been completely spellbound watching Bella succumb to my will as I fed her morsel after morsel with unhurried care. Strangely, the delectable creature before me was less surprised at the roar of the heavens above us than I. She flinched, but did not cower as I had expected. Instead, she squared her shoulders and sat up straight, regarding me with a heated flicker in her eyes.

"I'm finished, Edward." She took her free hand and seductively ran her fingers through my still-damp hair.

I felt a simper threatening to cross my face. "Hopefully just with dinner, love."

Her grip upon my scalp tightened, causing my eyes to involuntarily close as I reveled in the sensation. "What else would I be finished with?" As if to emphasize her simple statement, another peal of thunder resonated through the walls of the ketch.

"The storm's getting stronger."

"Yes it is," she murmured as she released my hand under the table and began to raise her legs up to the seat of the dinette. I opened my eyes and watched her move into a kneeling position before me, tangling her other hand into my hair.

"I can feel the wind beginning to pick up too. We're rotating a few degrees to the southeast."

Bella scooted forward, closing the gap between our bodies. "Is that so?"

I swallowed the venom beginning to pool in my mouth as my hands unconsciously found their way to her waist, where they pulled her even closer. My thumbs slid under the hem of her blouse and started rubbing small, delicate circles against her flushed skin. "If you focus, you may be able to feel the electricity growing in the air. The electrons are becoming agitated - they're seeking out the positively charged atoms..."

"Really." She rose above me, pulling my head to her chest as she nuzzled her face in my hair. I felt one of her hands slide down the back of my neck and along my spine. Her touch was beginning to set my skin on fire as I rotated on the seat to face her directly.

"It's only a matter of time now." Somehow I found the strength to continue the conversation, though my mind was swiftly drifting elsewhere. I took a deep breath as I pressed my nose to her breastbone, drinking in her unique scent of freesia that permeated the air around us.

Suddenly, Bella pulled away and looked down at me, her eyes darker than usual. "Are we still talking about the storm?"

I met her heated stare and raised my eyebrows suggestively. "Not necessarily."

"Then I think we need to move this conversation elsewhere."

"Anything you wish." I slid my hands up under her arms and lifted her effortlessly out of the dinette. A brilliant flash of lightning illuminated the galley as I readjusted her weight upon standing, pulling one leg at a time around my waist while I continued to hold her tightly. We gazed longingly at one another, both of us taking deep, deliberate breaths as I stood perfectly still with Bella wrapped appropriately around me. The moment was completely charged with unbound electricity - very similar to the same, meteorological energy I had spoke of before. I could almost feel the air crackle around us from both the charged atoms of the storm, as well as the intense chemistry that boiled between us.

Bella inadvertently bit her lip in anticipation, her arms wrapped around my neck and her fingers running delicately through my hair once again. It felt so good...and so right.

"You know that drives me crazy, love," I whispered as I let my eyes drift shut, focusing on the euphoric sensation of her hands against my scalp.

She rocked forward, pressing her warm lips to my ear. "I know."

A feral growl emitted from deep within my chest, spurring me into action. I opened my eyes at once, gripped her body tighter to mine, and spun us around towards the stairs leading up to the main salon, and beyond that, the aft stateroom. The teasing of the past few hours had left me painfully aroused, and I could no longer suppress the desperate amativeness that threatened to consume me. At any other time, I would have beaten back my own cravings, concerned solely with Bella and her best interests. But the past two days had proved time and time again that she was in exactly the same state of mind, and we were both going to literally implode if something wasn't done to alleviate the mounting tension.

Despite my newfound decisiveness, I still moved us slowly across the cabin. As Bella's fingers continued to twist through my hair, I nuzzled the crook of her neck, but denied myself the luxury of kissing her. Instead, I repeatedly inhaled her mouthwatering scent, basking in its perfection and ability to nearly bring me to my knees. I felt her supple lips upon my ear yet again, tracing gentle patterns.

"Edward, I love you."

It was as if I was hearing the declaration for the first time. Instantly, my legs grew weak as a powerful wave of emotion rippled through every muscle of my being, causing my hold on her hips to reflexively tighten with need. She responded by squeezing her knees more firmly around my waist, pressing us even closer together than before. My hap-hazard fa├žade of control crumbled completely, and I found myself sprinting across the cabin, unable to reach the bed fast enough.

Just as I felt the pliable give of the mattress against my shins, the roaring introduction of Grieg's Piano concerto erupted from the speakers above us. I really couldn't have timed it better - the sultry motif of the piano mirrored my lasciviousness cravings exactly, and now acted as a soundtrack to the grand finale of our time together before uniting in everlasting matrimony. Forever mine.

I lowered her gently upon the pillows, despite my sudden urge to speed ahead. Speed equaled loss of control, which created an unsafe environment for Bella. Therefore, speed was my enemy. Focusing on the music around us, I matched my actions to the tempo of the concerto, constantly reminding myself to keep a human pace. I could never forget that Bella was entirely breakable, no matter how badly I wanted her in that instant.

As her body sunk into the silken sheets, I momentarily pulled away, rocking back onto my heels as I appraised her alluring form beneath me. The irregular flashes of lightning through the two windows above us cast her in an unearthly light, making her creamy skin seem to glow like that of an angel. Her chest rose and fell with increasing frequency, and I could detect the fine hairs on her arms rising from the charged atmosphere around us. Slowly, she opened her eyes and searched out mine. At once, another surge of unspoken craving passed between us, nearly alighting the room with a blaze of intense emotion.

Gingerly, she reached up with one hand, tenderly tracing it along mine, then up my arm to my elbow. Every nerve in my body shook with ardor as I swallowed stiffly.

"Is this what you want, Bella?" My voice sounded gravelly, strained. My eyes briefly fluttered shut as I fought back the urge to throw myself atop her and succumb to the carnality that plagued every cell within me.

She simply nodded, her hand reaching up further, now at my shoulder. Another grumble of thunder roared above us, prefaced by more blinding lightning, both impervious to the firestorm that brewed within my veins from Bella's touch.

"Do you know how much I love you?" I finally reached out to reciprocate her placid touch, brushing my fingers along her flushed cheek.

An excited shiver passed through her, inadvertently causing her lungs to expel a pent-up sigh. "Do you know how much I trust you?"

I couldn't take it anymore - the teasing and taunting, the wayward glances and unabashed, flirtatious double-entendres...all had culminated into a simmering cauldron of want and need, overflowing and sweeping both of us away with its voracious current. Would it be so wrong to finally surrender to every primal urge that wracked my body? Especially if Bella had made it clear again and again that she wanted exactly the same thing? There appeared to no longer be a choice in the matter - virtue was just a six-lettered word, and meant absolutely nothing if we were certain of our own feelings for one another. She would forever remain virtuous in my mind, as I would to her. The dated formalities we had chained ourselves to seemed to evaporate effortlessly into the torrid slipstream that surrounded us. For the first time in my life, I was absolutely sure.

As I eagerly leaned forward, Bella rocked up from her sedentary position on the bed. Like every other milestone in our lives, we met in the middle - our lips finding each another effortlessly, melding together to become one in an evocative symbol of our impending, legal union. Again, the formality of the marriage ceremony now seemed somewhat trifling. Our hearts had belonged to one another since the day we met; our souls linked through eternity from the infinite love that blossomed from that first glance, first touch, first kiss, first declaration. As if it were scribed within the very fabric of the universe, I was hers, and she was mine.

My hands reached up to gently pull the band from her hair, freeing it upon her shoulders and permitting my fingers to lose themselves within the chestnut locks. Bella reciprocated my actions, forcing my head down more firmly upon hers as she eventually leaned back into the pillows against the headboard. There was no hesitation within our ardent embrace like before - the fervor between our lips was nearly combustible; no longer were chaste, closed mouth kisses the order of the day. We were both hungry for one another's affections and headily gave into our baser instincts, letting nature guide our movements and dictate the pace as I found myself effortlessly sinking into her fevered body.

The fear of her safety dissipated with the notes of the concerto that flittered off the walls of the ketch. Something deep inside assured me that her resolute confidence in my control was completely justified. I wouldn't hurt her. So I lost myself to her thrilling caress and ravenous mouth - it was all that mattered in the world.

I pressed myself down further, aligning every portion of my body with hers. One of my hands detangled itself from her hair to trace down her long, fluted neck, and eventually to her enticing collarbone. Her breath began to hitch as I slid one finger back and forth along the top of her shoulder, debating how best to rid her of the offensive garment that covered her tempting flesh.

Reluctantly, our lips parted ways at last, but only to allow her a necessary breath. As she gasped excitedly, I continued to kiss her; first along her jaw, then down to the bottom of her ear. I ran my tongue along the back of her lobe, eliciting a heady groan of pleasure when I sucked on it delicately. If it took all night, I would taste every millimeter of her skin, from the top of her forehead to the bottom of her heels.

Bella's hands abruptly began to move, finding their way effortlessly to the collar of my shirt. There was no hesitation in her movements as she found the top button and began working diligently to open it. A sharp hiss escaped my lips when one of her hot knuckles brushed against my cold chest, causing me to unconsciously slide my hands around her back and roll us over, switching our positions upon the bed.

Something could most certainly be said for the power of intuition in such a situation - the question of how to best de-robe the temptress above me became perfectly clear once I felt her comfortably settle her weight astride my hips. Cognizant thought was definitely overrated at times like this - I briefly considered chastising myself for over-thinking every prurient act leading up to this moment. If only I had listened to Bella...

But that didn't matter anymore, because I finally understood. And I used that newfound knowledge to my utter benefit as I mimicked Bella's earlier actions, rising up while she continued to straddle my waist, her hands still upon the buttons of my shirt.

I pulled away from her neck, taking several heavy breaths as I rested my forehead against hers, feeling the sticky warmth of her skin against mine.

"Are you cold at all?" It wasn't what I really wanted to say at that moment, but the question had to be asked.

She closed her eyes, minutely shaking her head. "I'm actually burning up inside." The words came out in a jumbled, breathless rush. Instantly, my hands were upon her cheeks, stroking her with my thumbs as jagged breaths ripped out of my chest.

"Me too." Another sharp crack of thunder exploded above us, emphasizing my words. But nothing could have prepared me for hers.

"I'm ready."

A thrilling surge of anticipation ripped through my body, sending wave after wave of quaking tremors through each of my limbs. This was it. "I love you Bella, more than anyone - human or immortal - has ever loved another."

Foreheads still pressed together, she tilted her chin up, capturing my bottom lip between hers in a quick kiss before she spoke. "I know. Make me yours."

A low groan from deep within made itself known for just a second, then I found myself in an inebriated haze. Bella's nimble fingers were making quick work of my shirt buttons - no longer were her actions hesitant and docile; now she moved with a purpose, her speediness marveling the last shred of my conscious self. I reciprocated, though I moved much slower - partially due to my lightheadedness as I continually breathed in her enthralling scent, and partially because of my newly found, innate sense of preservation. It was as if some power greater than the both of us knew exactly how to dictate my movements to keep her unharmed.

I was slipping faster into a dream-like trance - unaware of anything other than sensations related to Bella. My foggy vision told me my fingers were resting against her chest, diligently unfastening her blouse buttons one by one. Every few seconds, my lips grazed hers, drinking in her floral taste before moving back, allowing her to breath and continue along her own, determined path of removing my shirt. In no time she had it completely undone, skimming her palms against the sides of my torso as she guided the fabric backwards, exposing my chest while simultaneously slipping it from my shoulders.

Vaguely, I was aware of what sounded like the cadenza of the concerto - the solo piano performing effortlessly with no orchestral accompaniment. But something about it was wrong. I couldn't discern what, exactly - but it was as if one violin in a sea of fifty wasn't in tune. As I listened more carefully, I realized it wasn't just the pitch of the notes that were off - the rhythm wasn't right. How could that be?

Just as my mind was beginning to sort through the strange phenomenon, I felt Bella's weight shift upon my lap. What was she doing? I tried to focus, to force my head up, but the heat from her touch was too overpowering, and I felt drugged by her sensuous caress.

All at once, her lips were back to my ear. "Stay here." She gently pushed me back with one hand, and my body willingly obliged as I fell back to rest upon my elbows.

Then she was gone. I opened and closed my eyes repeatedly, trying to clear the fog from my vision, but to no avail. Under the sound of the music, I could vaguely hear footsteps going up the stairs. Up the stairs?

Much slower than I would have liked, clarity seeped back into my body. Eventually I found the strength to remove myself from the bed as I nearly stumbled across the stateroom to the doorway. Just then, the symphony roared to life as a monstrous peel of thunder sounded above. I lost the sound of Bella's footsteps amongst the noise - but what could she possibly be doing?

As I stepped through the doorway, my glassy vision fell upon the salon floor. Where's the cell phone?

That's what I had heard. That's why Bella had left.

Over the exuberant notes of the final movement of Grieg's magnificent concerto, I heard her speak out loud.

"Leave us alone, Alice!"

And then, the faint plop of the phone hitting the turbulent water.

Bella had thrown the phone overboard.

A snort erupted from my mouth, and before I could stop myself, I was hunched over, laughing hysterically at the thought of sweet, little Bella showing up my infamous sister.

Still chortling loudly, I staggered across the salon towards the stairs, hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved vixen taking on the mighty Alice and her foresight. All thoughts of doom and gloom regarding the loss of our lifeline to my family went out the window - we had proven in the last 36 hours that we didn't need a constant vigil to watch over our safety.

As I collapsed against the foot of the stairs, still doubled-over with laughter, I detected Bella taking a sharp intake of air at the same time I noticed her footsteps no longer moving upon the deck boards. A barely inaudible squeak escaped her lips, just a millisecond before I heard the sickening sound.

Her entire body slammed into the deck as she slipped on the wet surface.

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