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Chapter 28 - AU Ending Rachmaninoff

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1 Chapter 28 - AU Ending Rachmaninoff on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:32 pm


As I stepped through the doorway, my glassy vision fell upon the salon floor. Where's the cell phone?

That's what I had heard. That's why Bella had left.

Over the exuberant notes of the final movement of Grieg's magnificent concerto, I heard her speak out loud.

"Leave us alone, Alice!"

And then, the faint plop of the phone hitting the turbulent water.

Bella had thrown the phone overboard.

A snort erupted from my mouth, and before I could stop myself, I was hunched over, laughing hysterically at the thought of sweet, little Bella showing up my infamous sister.

Still chortling loudly, I staggered across the salon towards the stairs, hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved vixen taking on the mighty Alice and her foresight. All thoughts of doom and gloom regarding the loss of our lifeline to my family went out the window - we had proven in the last 36 hours that we didn't need a constant vigil to watch over our safety.


A few seconds later, Bella appeared at the top of the stairs, soaking wet, but bearing an extremely devilish grin. "I don't think Alice or anyone else will be bothering us for the rest of the night."

"You're intoxicatingly wicked, love." I extended my right arm, beckoning her down into the salon. She took cautious steps down the stairs, gripping my hand tightly as soon as she reached it. As I guided her into my arms, I bent down to whisper in her ear. "I've never seen you so feisty. But I absolutely love it."

She wrapped her arms around my bare back, pressing her wet body into mine and placing a heated kiss on my shoulder. "So where were we?"

"Hmm...let me show you." In one smooth movement, I scooped her up and quickly carried her back to our awaiting stateroom. But instead of setting her on the bed, I lowered her to her feet as I simultaneously pressed my lips to hers. The taste of the rain water mixed with her own, unique flavor sent another wave of intense energy through me - my fingers were nearly shaking in anticipation as they moved to finish unbuttoning her sodden blouse. Bella slowly slid her hands from their hold on my back, letting them fall complacently to her side as I undid the final button, finally letting the dripping garment hang freely open. Still kissing her lips, I moved to trace my tongue along her jaw, sucking in the remaining moisture that still clung to her skin. I simply couldn't get enough of her bewitching taste. Her skin was more captivating than any human's blood, including her own...in fact, the usual draw of her life-force's scent had subsided completely. I knew there was no way I'd ever be tempted to sink my teeth into her delectable flesh. Instead, my body craved only one thing - hers.

As I started to run my lips and tongue down to her neck, I gently guided her blouse off of her delicate shoulders, letting it drop unceremoniously to the floor with a dull thud. Inhaling deeply upon reaching the pulse point behind her earlobe, I paused for a split second, double-checking that my self-control was well enough in place to continue safely. Just as I had predicted, I was easily walking the miniscule tightrope between restraint and allowing myself to succumb to my instinctual urges. With every passing second, I became increasingly resolved that I could give her all of myself without consequence.

"Are you okay?" Bella was raising her arms and lacing them around my neck, pulling her damp chest against mine and causing me to shiver in delight.

Something akin to a purr emitted from deep within my lungs, followed by a devious smirk. "I am now." Nuzzling her ear, I slid my trembling hands up along her spine, savoring the feel of each fragile vertebra. All mine. Reaching her neck, my hands split off in each direction, following her shoulder blades before my fingertips traced down either side of her back. Bella's body reacted to my touch at once as a frisson rippled beneath her skin, assuring me that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Reaching the waistband of her wet shorts, I slid my fingers around each side, meeting in the front near her navel. Bella gasped when she felt me effortlessly release the button, and I pulled back to scrutinize her expression.

"Are you sure?" I asked again, searching her eyes for any sign of hesitation. Her heart was nearly exploding out of her chest from beating so quickly, yet she nodded in absolution, staring at me intently as she unconsciously bit her lip.

Groaning from the sight, I quickly bent down and caught her lips with mine, gently separating the bottom one from her teeth. She had no idea what that provocative habit of hers did to me, especially at that particular moment.

She submitted to my actions immediately, opening her mouth and inviting me in to fully taste her. Carefully, I first traced her lips with my tongue before gaining more courage and moving deeper, letting her guide me with hers.

My hands were still at her waist, my thumbs resting against the zipper of her shorts, my other fingers nestled between her hot skin and the damp edge of the fabric. Bella's hands completely tangled in my hair, her grip tightening as I moved to ease the zipper down and guide the khakis over her slim hips. As the realization of what I was about to do finally hit me, my knees almost buckled in anticipation. Thankfully, I was able to catch myself from falling, instead pushing the shorts past the last point of resistance and hearing them join Bella's blouse on the floor.

I took a step backwards towards the bed, still kissing Bella fervently. She lifted one foot to step out of the wet shorts, but tripped. Instantly, my body stiffened and I jerked my head back as I effortlessly caught her, not wanting her to accidentally graze her tongue against my razor-sharp teeth. As I looked down at her unsteady form, a shadow of irritation flashed through her eyes. But just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone, and she began to blush brightly, glancing away from me and focusing on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry," she muttered sheepishly.

If I hadn't been so thoroughly distracted by the sudden view of her nearly naked body, I would have rolled my eyes at her unnecessary words. "Shhh," I bent down and kissed the top of her head. "You should never feel like you need to apologize, especially for stumbling."

"Actually, I'm sorry for thinking what I thought."

My brows knitted in confusion. "What do you mean?" I asked softly.

Bella glanced up at me through her eyelashes, nearly making my knees buckle again. I wanted her so badly. "I thought you were pulling away to stop us."

I couldn't help but chuckle. "You have absolutely no idea how desperately my body is aching for you right now." I took another step backwards until I sensed the bed less than an inch from my calves. "I pulled away so you wouldn't cut yourself on my teeth."

Her cheeks grew even hotter at my admittance, and I watched her eyes closely as understanding flashed through them. "Oh."

"Don't apologize - we have more important things to do."

Bella's expression turned smug, and suddenly her self-confidence kicked into overdrive. "I couldn't agree more." She placed one palm on my chest and pushed me backwards onto the bed before crawling on her knees over my body. Another surge of heat raced through every last one of my nerves, causing me to quiver in excitement as I intuitively reached out to grasp her hips and move her forward until she was straddling me.

Unexpectedly, Bella froze, cocking her head to the side. "What's playing, Edward?"

I had been so enraptured by the goddess above me that I hadn't even noticed the new music begin. I immediately recognized it, and nodded minutely as I realized how perfect of a piece it was for the current mood that saturated the ketch. "Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto."

She let her eyes drift close and her jaw became lax as she sat atop me, simply listening to the music for several seconds. I took advantage and let my gaze drift down to appreciate her alluring form, studying every womanly curve and watching the nearly unperceivable fine hairs on her arms and stomach move as she took in a deep breath. Everything about her was utterly captivating, and I marveled at the perfection of every inch of her body. All mine.

Eventually Bella's eyes opened again, finding mine at once and staring at me intently. With deliberate slowness, she leaned forward, stretching herself out across my body. As her face drew closer to my own, her lips parted and she took in a breath, seemingly to speak. But instead, she kissed me adroitly, matching her movements to the rhythm of the piano. My head began to spin as I inhaled her enthralling scent and felt her palms sliding down the sides of my bare chest, caressing and exploring each muscle.

I was so distracted by the feel of her warm weight against me, that I didn't notice her fingers at the button of my chinos right away. In the past, my gut reaction would have been to gently, but firmly stop her - but not tonight. I swallowed thickly in anticipation after she sat back up, regretfully breaking away from our sweet embrace. Gingerly, Bella undid the button and the zipper, then moved to slide my pants off. I raised my hips to assist her, watching her actions in complete beatitude, and reminded once again how ironic it was that such a frail human could command such a hold on me. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

As Bella tossed my pants off the bed, she rocked back on her heels to study me. Watching her was terribly erotic - the way her breath hitched unconsciously as her eyes ran down the length of my body. She had seen me like this before in San Francisco, but now things were different...knowing that this was no longer the endpoint, but just the beginning. It was time to take that next big step.

Very slowly and deliberately, I sat up. Reaching forward, I gently guided Bella back to her prior position, straddling my lap. The heat that radiated from her emollient skin was absolutely thrilling, and transfused its warmth to a place deep within my body. I groaned in pleasure when she shifted her weight, settling herself more firmly against me as she let her ankles slide out to the sides of her thighs. Her studious gaze met my eyes, and we regarded one another for several long seconds before I found the power to speak.

"I love you, Bella."

She leaned forward just far enough so that our noses were touching, and whispered, "Such is my love, to thee I belong..."

"That for thy right myself will bear all wrong," we spoke together in perfect tandem, finishing the quote as one. As I felt her body take in a shuddering breath, I couldn't hold back any longer. A heady growl escaped my lips as they found hers, kissing her purposely, but forcing myself not to move too quickly all at once. We resumed our prior embrace, tasting one another and letting instinct guide our tongues and mouths. Bella had buried her hands in my hair, massaging my scalp exactly in the way she knew I loved. After one last internal check on my ability to remain in control, I slid my hands up from their hold on her hips, first along her ribs, and then back to the clasp of her bra. She shifted her weight again, arching her back to give me more leverage as I effortlessly released the hooks. The fabric went slack, loosely hanging on her slender frame as I easily guided the straps off of her shoulders. Reluctantly, Bella detangled her hands from my hair and dropped her hands, removing the protruding garment and casting it over the side of the bed. Pressing my palms flat against her bare back, I pushed her chest firmly to mine, savoring the feel of her heartbeat racing against my cold, hard flesh.

Bella broke away from our embrace, gasping for air as her pulse quickened when I lightly kneaded her tender flesh. I trailed a line of butterfly kisses down her throat, once again allowing myself to become nearly overwhelmed with her scent and taste. It was as if she was created expressly for me - I could not imagine someone else having a fraction of the allure that she held.

As my lips reached her collarbone, she arched her back, pulling away just enough to give me better access. I languidly let my tongue taste every inch of her flesh, slowly working my way down her rising chest. Her hands rose up to grip my triceps, squeezing them with all of her human strength as I paused above her fluttering heart, suddenly trying to catch my own breath.

The winsome sounds of the concerto started competing with Bella's labored breathing and I let myself get lost in the plethora of over-stimulating sensations. The two intertwined were the most harmonious sounds to ever grace my ears. After pulling away from her, my gaze inadvertently drifted down once again, memorizing every detail of her form. So beautiful. No other creature on earth could rival her utter perfection, and a thrilling rush of ecstasy flooded my body as I realized I would be the only one ever privileged enough to love her in this way. All mine.

Very gently, I rotated us around so I could ease her back down against the soft pillows. Bella's breathing has slowed a bit, but her pulse was still racing at a nearly alarming rate. I would have been concerned in any other circumstance, but this time I instinctively knew it was inevitable, and perfectly normal.

"Tell me if you're cold," I murmured against her cheek, my tone husky with yearning as I released my hold on her back and swept the back of my fingertips down the side of her ribs.

Bella let out a concupiscent gasp, digging her short nails into my arms. "Trust me, I'm not."

I smiled deviously, letting my open mouth trace across her face to her trembling lips. "I'll keep you warm." Warmer than you've ever been...

She pushed up, kissing me ardently as I let my hand drift along her bare stomach and eventually up to the underside of her breast. Her flesh was ablaze; searing hot against my frosty fingers. The less pressure I exuded as I continued to trace along her sensitive skin, the more urgent her mouth became until she finally groaned in protest when I stopped moving just short of where she expected me to go.

"Edward," she begged, pushing her hips up against me as I continued to hover above her.

Hearing her call my name distracted me from any plans I had of teasing her; I relented and gave her what she was seeking, moving my palm to tenderly cup her breast as I simultaneously caressed her tongue with mine.

The exquisite feel of her flushed skin against my own made my head swim. Without thinking through my actions, I found myself resting as much of my weight atop her as I could without crushing her frangible body, thus allowing my hands to explore her supple skin. Bella released her hold on my arms and mimicked my actions, sliding her hands around my back and down to the waistband of my boxers. She fingered the silk fabric briefly before moving further to grasp my backside, pulling my hips down upon hers.

I groaned into her mouth as another hot flash of delectation pummeled my body, forcing me to release her mouth and swallow the fragrant air around us greedily in an attempt to steady my stupefied head. But that only caused further intoxication, and drove me to bury my face into the crook of her neck, laving my tongue along her jugular and savoring the feel of the subitaneous tempo of her pulse. Although I was completely overwhelmed with sensation after sensation, I felt driven to seek out more - gratifying my lecherous desires and obsessed with giving Bella the same euphoric experience, if not more so.

Fear and uncertainty fled my conscious at an alarming rate as I kissed my way down the middle of Bella's chest, worshipping her body as thoroughly as I possibly could. She cried out in ecstasy when I finally moved my lips across her breast, releasing her grip with one hand and capturing my hair in her fingers, holding me in place. I happily obliged, inherently understanding what she wanted and giving her exactly that. Her sensitive flesh tasted even better than it smelled, and I savored every last inch of it several times over.

As Bella forced my head, and consequently, my mouth to stay firmly planted upon her chest, my hands trailed down her ribs to the last piece of fabric that adhered to her exalted body. Very gently, I slipped my index and middle fingers below the elastic on either side, tracing back and forth along her delicate hipbones. It took her a minute to realize my hands had moved from their earlier positions, and once she registered my actions, she froze, releasing her hold on my hair. From under my lashes, I peered up to study her expression and found her heavily-hooded eyes staring intently at me. But the only emotion I could see in them was desire and love; not regret of any sort, and most certainly not fear. Just as I was about to ask her again if she was ready, she nodded once. Her tongue unconsciously slipped between her swollen lips and wet them before she bit down on her lower lip once more. I moaned at the sight and immediately exerted pressure on the flimsy fabric caught between my fingertips, while simultaneously kissing my way back up to her fluted neck.

I felt her shift her weight, raising her hips just enough to aid my movements as I slid her panties slowly down her thighs to her knees. I reveled in the silky feel of her skin against my hands, and I promised myself I'd taste that as well before the night was over. For the briefest of moments, I questioned my earlier fears and insistence on waiting to give all of myself physically to Bella. Why had I been so afraid of something that was so incredibly right?

Vowing not to make the same mistake twice, I quickly pushed my double-guessing nature into the far reaches of my mind and returned all of my focus back on the captivating creature that lay beneath me. As my mouth worked its way up her jaw line and to her quivering lips, I slid my weight to her side so I could push her knees upward and finish removing the last of her barriers between us. Clearing her legs, I felt Bella's heart skip a few beats when I rested my icy palms upon her feet. But she didn't pull away - instead she reached up to cup my face and guide my hungry lips to hers, kissing me deeply while murmuring my name repeatedly. If my heart was still able to beat, it would have been hammering out a wicked staccato of excitement and unadulterated delight.

I took my time exploring with my hands - first caressing her ankles, then working my way up her succulent calves, running my thumbs along her tibias and marveling at their fragile strength. It never ceased to amaze me how the human skeleton could be so resistant to the forces of nature, yet so entirely breakable at the same time.

As I neared her knees, my fingers swept to the underside of her legs, brushing gently against the tender skin. I could feel her muscles twitch from the stimulation, contracting reflexively either from my cold touch or from the visceral responses of her aroused body. Regardless of the cause, the reaction drove me to suck Bella's top lip into my mouth, tasting her completely in an effort to squelch the inferno that tore through my veins. I was constantly forcing myself to resist the urge to rush forward - both for her safety, and to relish every heady rush of ardency that plagued my being. She's yours forever, I reminded myself. Take it slow.

When I continued to slide my hands up the outsides of her thighs, Bella released her hold on my hair and skirted her fingers down my neck to my shoulders, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Drowning in the sensations from her touch and heady scent, I pulled away from her mouth again, moving my ravenous lips along her cheekbone and eventually to her ear. Her body shivered as my tongue flicked out to taste her sweet skin, but the reaction did not stop her hands. They had crested my shoulders, and now trailed down my chest and along my ribs until they reach the hem of my boxers. There was no hesitation as she grasped the fabric and began to pull it down my hips, her hands diligently working in tandem as I shifted my weight again, allowing her the freedom to slide them down to my knees. In one quick movement, I lifted myself up on my elbows and slid the boxers completely off while Bella's hands remained poised at my hips.

I pulled back to regard her expression once more - she was watching me intently, a flicker of yearning evident in her eyes. A shaky breath slipped from her lips as I felt her hands move to tentatively touch me. I swallowed back a thick pool of venom in my mouth and exuding every last ounce of control over the painful urge to pounce back on top of her and bury myself within her warmth, because as much as I tried to convince myself that I wouldn't hurt her, the very real possibility still existed. And it was essential that I never forget that, no matter how brave and certain I felt.

Together, we crossed that invisible line from familiar and safe to thoroughly intimate and tantalizingly dangerous. I wondered if she thought of it the same way - and if the element of risk heightened the experience and made her feel everything more intensely. My head was so woozy from the over-stimulation of her touch, scent and taste that I couldn't ask her if I wanted to - my ability to speak had disappeared, and I suddenly existed only as a primordial creature, receiving and bequeathing pleasure concurrently. Bella's hands seemed to be everywhere at once, scorching my frigid skin with every stroke and brush of her fingers while she simultaneously arched her body into mine as I reciprocated her actions. Inexperience seemed not to matter, because anything she did to me felt amazingly right. And her frequent moans and gasps encouraged my efforts boundlessly until I felt her body quake around my touch, her skin instantly becoming even hotter to the touch, and small beads of perspiration bubbling to the surface. My tongue sought them all out as I attempted to cool her body back down with my thirsty kisses.

I had shifted my weight to straddle her, bending over her deliriously beautiful form as I continued to worship her shoulders and chest with my mouth. As if sensing my intent, Bella guided me forward and down, encouraging me closer until our bodies were melded together at nearly every possible juncture.

Taking in another shuddering breath, Bella pushed her head up until her lips found my ear. "Edward," she whispered before tightening her grip on me.

A growl escaped my lips, and my body reflexively twitched above her. "Bella, my love." I was now her slave - succumbing completely to her wishes.

"I love you so much." She ran her tongue underneath my earlobe, then wrapped one of her ankles around my calf. "Please?"

Swallowing back another mouthful of venom, I fought through the licentious haze in my brain once last time, ordering myself to remain acutely aware of her responses, lest I exude too much force or harm her in some other way. The words tumbled out of my mouth, just barely coherent enough for her to understand.

"Tell me if I hurt you, love. Promise?"

Bella's soft hair tickled my chin as she nodded once.

I lifted my head up to capture her lips with mine, this time kissing her gently and lovingly as our hands guided our bodies together into one. I moved as slowly as I could, paying full attention to her reactions as I pressed into her warmth. Sparks of indescribable light dotted my blurry vision as wave after wave of intense euphoria pummeled my body, causing a flurry of tremors to wrack my frame. Bella shifted beneath me, encouraging me forward, deeper, as she wrapped her other leg around me and laced her hands behind my back, pulling my weight down to her chest.

With one final thrust, I made her mine for eternity; she whimpered softly, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, but her grip refused to let me go as she repeatedly squeezed my sides, transferring the inevitable pain from one place to another. I stilled my movements, waiting for her tense muscles to relax even though I wanted nothing more than to keep going.

After a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes, peering up at me through her thick lashes. I started to pull my face away, but she shot one hand up and buried it in my hair, bringing me back down so she could kiss me again. I could barely make out her half-hearted attempt to speak; a quiet ‘I'm okay' reverberating against my lips. Then she pushed her weight up, giving me exactly what I had been craving just a moment before.

We took our time as I let her dictate the pace, matching our movements to those of the concerto that was nearing its finale. My yearning to relinquish full control of my actions dissipated with the enthralling melody of the solo piano, because its very tone became metaphorically interwoven with the enchantress beneath me. The only insatiable urge left was to adulate her in everyway possible, which I happily did. I kissed her until she couldn't breathe, and I memorized her reaction to every caress, giving her everything of me that I possibly could. The heat from her body fully engulfed me, making me feel unbelievably alive, like I was a living, breathing human once again. All of it made my heart sing with joy - that I was finally able to be with her the way she had craved for so long, and do so without injury or unacceptable danger. We were one, and would remain so in spirit and body until the end of time.

As she pledged her love to me again within a breathless cry, I felt myself fall to pieces, my apocryphal soul unchained at last and rising from the ashes of my self-exiled existence. It floated above my physical body, marveling at the beauty of our conjoined limbs, but even more so at the tangibility of our everlasting love. Sighing deeply, and with the purest purport, I laid my forehead against hers, drinking in her intoxicating breath and feeding her mine.

We lay like that until the music ended, lost in the rapture that transcended our consummation and secured the final knot that bound us to each other for eternity. For nothing else mattered - I was now hers, forever, and our life as one had just begun.

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