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Chapter 1 - A Silent Friendship

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1 Chapter 1 - A Silent Friendship on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:51 am


Many thoughts were running through a seventeen-year-old girl’s mind. Like how could she have ended her relationship with what everyone said was her perfect match? How could such an evil and vile bastard be killed so easily? How could her friends go behind another’s back to keep their relationship secret? There was one simple answer to each of these questions. Love.

She looked into a mirror and saw a girl on the brink of becoming a woman. She saw shoulder length brown curls. She was about 5’3 and had a slim figure with curves and a well-matured chest. She had dark brown eyes that looked as if silver was glazed over them.

She would have been beautiful if it weren’t for her tear stained cheeks, red puffy eyes, and big red nose, no one as sad as she is beautiful.

She was crying because of the one thing that should make someone happy. Love had so many emotions in it; it was confusing, painful, hopeful, faithful, tender and caring. It needed time, devotion, and care; like a seed that could grow into something so beautiful and innocent.

“Hermione, you have some explaining to do!” The angry voice belonged to Ginny Weasly. Hermione whipped around and faced the angry teen.

Ginny was simply beautiful. She had long fiery red hair, chocolate brown eyes, a slim figure, a milky complexion, and long smooth legs. Hermione felt ugly standing next to Ginny.

“Why did you brake up with my brother?” her voice was loud and filled with defense for another.

“Ginny, I don’t love him like a person should in a relationship. I love him strictly as a brother. Since I love him in this way, I couldn’t bare to keep up this farce relationship. It would be to painful for him and I. Can’t you understand?” Hermione silently pleaded for someone to just understand!

Ginny’s face constricted from anger to concern. “You will have to tell them this you know?” “I already have” Hermione replied. Ginny nodded.

Hermione needed air. She quickly ran from the girl’s dormitories and out the common room to the famous Hogwarts grounds. Normally she wouldn’t be allowed out here, but since she was head girl she could make an excuse, for example, she was looking for students.

She collapsed on the ground close to the lake. She looked at the reflection of the moon in the water. It was almost full, her thoughts wandered to Remus Lupin. A man she greatly respected. He was a werewolf and a man with many lost, but was filled with unconditional love. He was extremely intelligent, and now he finally got what he deserved a wife and peace from Lord Voldemort. A tear fell into the lake’s seemingly endless water.

“What are you doing out here Granger” said a male emotionless voice. Which was surprising for this boy seeing as his voice was usually filled of a snobby ‘I’m better than you’ tone.

She looked up and their eyes met, her brown to his grey. She stood up and for the first time she really looked at him.

He was about six feet tall and had platinum blond hair that fell into those cold grey eyes. He also had a slim figure; he had on a white muscle shirt with short sleeves and black jeans. Through the muscle shirt you could see his abs. He had long muscular legs. He was lean and tall; he also had a pale complexion. You could tell her worked hard to get the way he looked.

He was sinfully handsome. With the moonlight reflecting on him her knees nearly buckled. She finally knew why this boy had a most of Hogwart’s girls chasing after him.

Hermione shook her head and replied, “I could ask you the same thing, Malfoy.”

He smirked at her and said “Ask no question and I shall tell you no lies.” She was surprised he knew a muggle sane.

Instead of dwelling on it she laughed and said “Same thing here, Malfoy.” He nodded and sat down a couple of inches were she had been moments ago. She sat down in her old spot.

Their eyes met once again, neither said a thing. They returned to looking at the water. Hermione could tell something was bothering the slytherin prince, but respected their earlier conversation and continued to wonder.

Both were amazed that this was happening. They had spent six years hating each other, because that was how it was supposed to be. Now, they felt an odd comfort in each other neither could describe.

“It’s beautiful tonight” came Draco’s soft voice. “Yes, it is” agreed Hermione.

“This is odd. When I was first became head boy I knew who I was going to work with. You, of course.”

Hermione blushed but continued to seem nonplussed. “I thought we would spend our last year fighting and hating each other more so then usual. Now, sitting here, I feel like I’ve never hated you, and that I’ve known you forever. I know that it’s just wrong, I mean look at who we are, whom we come from. We were practically meant to hate each other, and we always have, from day one, because that’s how it was meant to be, and that’s how it happened, but for just once I think I’d like to think for myself, you know?”

Hermione eyes filled with understand and she simply stared at him. Moments later she spoke, her voice think with revelations and emotion, “That’s exactly what I’ve wanted everyone to understand. That it doesn’t have to be like this. That we can just maybe think for ourselves. And maybe it’s just not all black and white, wizard and muggle, pureblood and mudblood, but maybe there’s a middle ground. That maybe it’s all grey, and also just maybe we’re not supposed to understand, but we’re not supposed to accept it without question either. We’re gifted with minds, to think. To think for ourselves.”

Hermione and Draco regarded each other with newfound respect.

They smiled not at each other not quite ready for that step but well towards that. They continued to look out the lake. They parted with out harsh words but only a silent agreement of a newborn friendship than was bound to fly higher that any other.

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