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Events in December

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1 Events in December on Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:18 am


December AIDS Awareness Month
December 4 - Sunday Ashura Begins at Sunset (Islamic)
December 8 - Thursday Bodhi Day Buddhist
December 10 - Thursday Human Rights Day United Nations
December 17 - Saturday Wright Brother's Day
December 20 - Thursday Hanukkah Begins at Sunset (Jewish)
December 22 - Thursday Winter Solstice (1st Day of Winter) Shortest Day of the Year
December 24 - Saturday Christmas Eve
December 25 - Sunday Christmas US National Holiday (Christian)
December 26 - Monday Christmas Day Observed US National Holiday
December 26 - Monday Kwanzaa Ends Jan. 1
December 26 - Monday Boxing Day Canada, UK
December 27 - Tuesday Christmas Bank Holiday UK
December 31 - Saturday New Year's Eve

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