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For Her Soul Chapter 1

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1 For Her Soul Chapter 1 on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:22 am

Angelic Abbadon

On this day of feasts, the day of hunts, the tide will rise. Damnation will scorch the earth releasing the evil soul’s of those long dead. In the moment of triumph, this world will crumble under one fist. One shall become the serpent to sneak among our hearts and cause doubt to rise. An open door to the well of damnation we will follow it as power hungry as we are. This is the Harbinger’s Way.

Stretching my feet upon the yard was something new to me. I had only recently been given my legs back, and that was only through a miracle. Flexing each muscle , the individual blades of grass danced upon my skin from the force of the wind. The day was long and cool. Everything seemed in harmony, the world content. Exhaling and inhaling taking my intake of the world’s oxygen I rejoiced in such simplicity and tranquility. Reaching over to find my love, sitting beside me faithful as always. Her dark, big brown eyes were beyond gorgeous. I lose myself in them again and again as if I was a mouse inside a maze. My feelings of laced were laced with a familiar taste of security. She was my angel, the champion of my heart. “ Kit, come here and let me see those eyes of gypsies that you possess.”
“But, my love, I am stuck here. I can not move to you. I guess you will find your way to me!” She shrugs and looks around but I feel her vision still upon my soul.
“ Fine, Fine , Fine. “ I grumpily say and crawl to her coming behind her. Leaning up rubbing my body tight against hers as I move up until I can wrap my arms around her neck. I do such leaning over her shoulder and kissing her cheek in the cutest way I can.
“What brought on such affection?” She asks while batting those eyelashes acting all innocent like.
Pretending not to catch on I gasp in exclamation, “ It is for you that I draw my breath! It is for you that this old body still aches to receive the morning sun! It is for you that I got my legs back!”
I overstep my playfulness and notice her eyes darken with tears. “..It was my fault you lost the legs you had before..” Her voice is barely a whisper in the wind. I am straining to hear each word let alone syllable.
“No, Never ever think it was your fault. Remember this moment forever and cherish it. I won’t repeat it. IT was NOT your fault. You saved my life that day. Without you my life would have been ripped away and not just my legs. “ Wiping her hair away from her face I kiss any and all tears. Scratching my nail across her cheek so light she can barely feel it, “ I am Yours!”
“Oh, thank you dear. This moment will not be forgotten but you have got to start talking like you are from this century. “

Relaxing and enjoying the moment, that is what I will have to do from now on. It has given me my legs, her the husband she wanted back, and our lives together in happiness. Sighing softly not to disturb Kit It just cant be helped. I shiver thinking of the dreams I had, dreams of demons and burning. “Ugh” I shake my shoulders to loosen my body from thinking of such things. Shutting my eyes I raise them to the heavens. Breathing in long and slow breaths, truly breathing. Smiling I decide now to open my eyes. As soon as I do a little flying object smacks me in the head. Screaming out in surprise it knocks me from kit’s arms. Hitting the ground rather hard, smashing a few blood vessels in my temple. I react as quick as my vision returns from the impact. I look up to see a hulking figure staggering above me. Clad in black armor, light leather it looked like. Tight and fitting to his form it displayed all the muscles that needed to show he was strong and could kill easily. I smelled the scent of death on him causing me to have what looked like dry heaves. After choking down it quickly I looked to watch him and try cover Kit up so he would not see her. His eyes turn to the movement. His eyes are piercing and cold, red like embers from a fire. I feel them hit me but I do not turn away. I show no fear and hold steadfast. Never will I give up Kit, I would die before then.
“Very well m if that is what you wish” His voice was breathy and icy, cold as his stare. Withdrawing his sword he stabbed it into my gut quickly removing it and sheathing it again. Pushing my body, now in shock, to the side grabbing Kit by her hair. Screaming in anger I drag my body behind his path. Trying my best, in tears and near death, I grab at the grass “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He just laughs at me, giving me a smirk then ignoring my cries of pain. As the first tear falls and hit’s the ground I feel new power. “Come here…now.” I command daringly. He takes the bait and turns around. Looking me up and down, I see pure disappointment in his eyes.
“You challenge a scout of my order? You do not know what you mess with mortal!” His voice radiates across the empty field filling all the void between us. “ I will twist your entrails until they burst from your skin. Your skull I will drink the blood of your family with. This world will never know a more hell than I will bestow upon you, the brave weak bodied human.” He spits as he says the name of my species.
“ Alzon, leave the mortal alone. Do not make us come from the darkness!” a voice echoes across the field.
“More tricks from humanity? You do not scare me voice of the bodiless. Show your face , if not then leave me with this human. “ He looks around unsure of where the voice comes despite his obvious power.
All of a sudden crashing from the earth , an essence comes into being. Shattering the earth beneath it, it grows and grows. IT finally forms into a tiny little imp like creature with hair made of fire. “ Pleased to meet you my sir.! “ Turning to the so called scout his demeanor changes, “ Hello Alzon, it has been oh let us say a few thousand years. “
Giving him no time to respond the little imp moves like lightning. Flying across Alzon’s face I see blood spill as he is cut from ear to ear across his mouth. Dropping kit, I hear the bones crunch from the fall. Crawling behind them all I pull her away. Turning her over as her hair is slanted across her face all that is there is a shadow where her face should be. I try and pull the shadows, my fingers catch it as it moves and it seems to infect my fingers draining all my energy. I don’t let up, I will do anything to free her. The imp interrupts it and cuts the shadows from my hand and it returns to her face. Under a glance by Azlon’s sword now drawn and brought down upon the one who cut him. Dripping blood from his mouth he sneers which only causes the cut to widen. “LEt her be for now, we can not help her here. “ He deflects another incoming blow from the tall warrior and pushes him back with an unseen force.
Alzon is surprised by this. “ You do not control that demon!”
“No but our mortal does!”
Alzon finally realizes what that is meant and why I was protected, which eluded myself to be honest. He slunk back into the shadows staring at kit and smiling, “Her soul is mine, it matters not. “

Cloudless night
The moon invades the erie air
Silence all around us

My lover's hand
My goddess' Eyes
My brown eyed guardian

I give her my all
My wings
My breath
My life

For her i would die
for her i now am i alive
Drinking the wine of our love
I will never fall
"Azrael... "I love you", I whisper to your ear.

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